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Celebs Making Special Deliveries for Amazon

Online retailing powerhouse Amazon.com announced today that, in celebration of its tenth anniversary, randomly selected Amazon customers around the United States will find a celebrity, actor, athlete, musician, or author delivering their merchandise along with a UPS driver. Amazon will also be showing webcasts of these special deliveries beginning July 7 on the Amazon.com site.

Celebrities currently scheduled to take part include actors Jason Alexander and and the famously publicity-shy Harrison Ford, along with musican Moby. Amazon is also hosting a “boutique” for each celebrity taking part in the special delivery program, highlighting additional products selected by the celebrity and potentially information about the celebrity’s favorite charity.

Amazon will add coverage of new special deliveries to its site until 5 PM PDT on July 16, at which point the company will stream its Tenth Anniversary Event, hosted by pundit and comedian Bill Maher and featuring live performances from musicians Bob Dylan and Norah Jones.