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This device will protect packages delivered to your door while you're away

It’s always exciting to have a delivery on the way, and so it’s massively disappointing when that package doesn’t make it into your hands. Unfortunately, “porch pirates” are common enough that over 15 million people have a delivery stolen from their home each year, according to Package Guard. To protect deliveries when they arrive, the company has created a new product that serves to deter thieves.

Package Guard is a small alarm, about the size of a Frisbee, that can be placed outside your front door. The device clearly says, “Place Package Here,” so that those delivering items know where to set the packages. Once a delivery has been set on the device, Package Guard’s alarm is armed. If anyone tries to remove the package without entering the necessary passcode in the app, an alarm will sound, much like a car alarm.

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For those who have home security cameras, Package Guard can be set to work in conjunction with the system. In this case, the alarm will also take a photograph of the person who snatched the package. The image can then be automatically shared with the police or on Facebook to warn neighbors.

The idea behind Package Guard comes from founder Michael Grabham, who was himself once of victim of a porch pirate. He had been expecting a delivery of coats for the homeless over the holiday season, but the package was stolen from his front porch.

“With an increasing number of people ordering items delivered to their homes, I wanted to create a simple solution that would solve the problem of protecting a delivery when no one is home,” said Package Guard founder Michael Grabham in a press release.

Package Guard is planning to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign soon. Those who have had a package stolen can take advantage of a rather gracious introductory offer that only requires payment of the $5 shipping fee. (Package Guard asks for proof of the theft, whether that be a police report, an email from the delivery company, or something else.) For everyone else, the product will be available for $49.