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95 awesome Android apps that will transform your tired tablet

Welcome to our huge Android tablet apps listing. Whether you’re rocking a Galaxy Tab S3 or an old Nexus 7 these are the best tablet apps for Android, no matter what you’re looking for. The list below is comprehensive, and links back to the Google Play Store, which is the best place to download apps. Right now we have almost a hundred different apps in twenty different categories, but we’ll add new apps on a regular basis, so this list isn’t set in stone.

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Movies, Music, and Reading

Movies and Videos



With a constantly changing library of thousands of TV shows, movies, and exclusive content that you can stream direct to your tablet, Netflix offers a whole lot of entertainment for $8 a month.

Google Play Amazon



Satisfy the film-buff inside with this virtual encyclopedia of movie facts, actor biographies, and fascinating trivia. Millions of people rate regularly and chat about their favorite movies at IMDb.

Google Play Amazon



VLC is the media player that can handle everything you throw at it. It’s in beta, but it’s fully capable of handling any sort of video, audio, and media file including DVD ISOs. If you’ve used VLC for desktop, you’ll want it on mobile.

Google Play Amazon

Hulu Plus


Hulu’s app is the ultimate tool for enjoying your subscription. It grants you access to more 100,000 TV episodes, and even functions as an in-app remote for your streaming box and TV.

Google Play Amazon

Music and Audio

TuneIn Radio


There’s no better radio and podcast app than this. Music, sports, talk, news, and more can be found with over 100,000 worldwide radio stations to choose from and more than 2 million podcasts.

Google Play Amazon



Pandora is an internet powerhouse when it comes to radio. Like its web-based counterpart, the mobile app allows you curate personal stations based on your favorite bands, songs, or composers.

Google Play Amazon

Poweramp ($4)


Every feature you could want in a music player is packed in here. There’s support for all sorts of formats, a 10 band graphic equalizer, crossfade support, and a lot more. It costs $4 after the trial.

Google Play



Hear a song you like? Shazam can recognize the tune and supply you with buying options within seconds. Recommended tracks, lyrics, and the ability to add it to a Rdio playlist come second.

Google Play Amazon



Spotify’s mobile interface is one of the sleekest around. Moreover, it lets you browse an extensive catalog of music, personalized radio stations, and curated playlists for lovers of all genres.

Google Play Amazon

Google Play Music


Looking for a music service that more deeply integrates with Android and Google Now? Google Play Music is the service for you! Play Music, like the others, allows you to subscribe to listen to all the music you want, plus lets you upload and stream your already-existing music library.

Google Play


Moon+ Reader


Load up your ebook collection and enjoy it in this fully customizable reader which lets you define your preferred aesthetic and even tweak gestures and keys. It supports every format under the sun.

Google Play Amazon



From the classics of yesteryear to contemporary bestsellers you’ll find over a million books to browse through in here. There are also magazines, newspapers, and a built-in dictionary to try.

Google Play Amazon



Barnes & Noble offers more than 2.5 million books through this app and 1 million of them are free. You can also enjoy free trials and subscribe to all the top newspapers, magazines, and comics.

Google Play

Comics by ComiXology


If you’re a comic buff, ComiXology is for you — whether you’re into Marvel, DC, Dark Horse — whatever — ComiXology has the comic books for you. The app is Amazon’s primary partner when it comes to digital comic distribution, and there’s a huge library of titles to choose from. You’ll have to pay for a subscription, but the app itself is free.

Google Play Amazon

News 360


A nice clean layout offers a window onto the world of news, pulled in from a wide variety of top sources online. Choose your favorite topics (there are thousands) and it learns what you like.

Google Play Amazon

Productivity, Documents, and Email


Google Drive


You can fit a whole lot of files into your free 15GB courtesy of Google. It is easy to use, it offers a quick way to share files across your devices, and it integrates seamlessly with Android.

Google Play



As one of the earliest, best cloud solutions around, Dropbox is available for virtually every platform, and it offers fast and efficient file sharing and storage. You can also auto-upload photos.

Google Play



This is one of the best note-taking apps around and it’s great for making lists. You can create versatile notes and reminders with text, audio, annotated images, and links. It’s available everywhere.

Google Play Amazon



Tablets can be an artist’s best friend with the right tool. Sketchbook is the canvas you’re looking for, built with 15 brushes all capable of producing unique strokes and lines.

Google Play



Your tablet is powerful enough to act as your primary computer, but it likely doesn’t have all your files and programs. But you can get to them through TeamViewer, acting as your remote control.

Google Play Amazon

ES File Explorer


Navigating the hierarchy of files on Android can be a pain. The ES File Explorer File Manager gets all your files in line, both on the device and in the cloud. Plus, it serves as a download manager and task killer as well.

Google Play



AirDroid lets you manage your all of your Android device’s files, photos, and so on straight from your computer. Providing you have one of the supported phones, you can even mirror your phone’s display on your computer screen.

Google Play



The free, open source blogging platform is accessible with this app. It’s a scaled down version of the Web interface, but you can write, edit, publish, and dip into comments and stats.

Google Play Amazon



Follow blogs that grab your interest, post whatever you want to share, interact and comment, and keep a record of your activity. You can also save drafts, schedule posts, and handle multiple blogs.

Google Play Amazon



Blogger is one of the better known blogging platforms out there, and for good reason. It allows you to create and edit posts, upload media, and more.

Google Play


WPS Office


You can find a good word processor without having to spend anything. WPS is packed with features and it supports all kinds of files including Word documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs.

Google Play

Google Docs


Google Docs has long been our preferred online document editing software, offering a number of powerful tools for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and saving all that information straight to your Google Drive.

Google Play

Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office is the obvious choice for professionals who need to edit documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints, and for good reason. Now, those apps have been brought to mobile, covering all the platforms you’ll need.

Google Play


Blue Mail

Blue Mail

Get organized and unify all your email accounts into this slick, accessible, feature-packed app. It supports all major services, lots of personalization options, and solid encryption for privacy protection.

Google Play Amazon



Microsoft’s app is your best bet if you want to grab email from your Microsoft account. It’s clean, almost elegant, and straight to the point. It supports notifications, conversation threading, and more.

Google Play

Google Inbox


Google Inbox is a mail client with a difference — instead of simply presenting emails in a list, emails are presented like a to-do list, with emails grouped together for easier reading.

Google Play

Finance, Time Management, and Browsers

Finances and Money Management



Create budgets, track your cash spending, and see your checking, savings, and credit cards all in one place. Alerts will warn you about unusual activity, or bills. Mint is the best way to manage money.

Google Play Amazon



With this app, you can log all of your expenses in the relevant categories, thus solving the mystery of your vanishing money. It will reveal exactly where you’re spending everything at a glance.

Google Play

Money Lover

Money Lover

Keeping track of your money isn’t always easy, but this personal finance app has you covered with an expense tracker, budgeting tools, bill reminders, and a big picture view of the health of your finances.

Google Play

Time Management



The simple look is tempting, but the real attraction here is cross-platform support for all of your tasks and projects. The layout is made for your tablet and there are enough features for power users.

Google Play

Google Calendar


If you want to sync your calendars and pull in dates and appointments from your Google account, then this is the simplest way to do it. It handles basic functions and has a solid layout.

Google Play

Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2

Sync all your Google calendars into one fully customizable overview to get an ideal view of your schedule. There are various widget options, color-coding, and tools for event and task planning.

Google Play

Web Browsers



If it’s not preinstalled on your tablet then seek it out, because Chrome is the best browser around. Fast, reliable, and efficient, it offers easy tab and bookmark sharing using your Google account.

Google Play



Reliable, robust, and speedy, Firefox is a great browser. It covers bookmarks, tabs, visual history, private browsing, and everything else you need. There are also lots of security add-ons.

Google Play



All the basics are handled well by Dolphin, but the extras in the shape of customizable gestures, voice controls, and sharing features really suck you in. It’s an innovative and unique browser.

Google Play

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