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24 cases to keep your iPhone SE looking like new

Apple has repackaged the last-gen iPhone 6S into an iPhone 5S body to bring us the iPhone SE. This diminutive iPhone is cheaper and easier to handle than its big brothers and more recent iPhone models, but it still represents a fragile combination of glass and metal that will likely break if dropped. If you have an old iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 case lying around, then it can be repurposed for the SE. Most of you will likely prefer to snag a new one, however, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite iPhone SE cases in the lines below.

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Twelve South BookBook Case ($50)

Twelve South BookBook Case

Disguise your iPhone SE as a vintage book with this genuine leather case that also doubles as a wallet. Open it up, and you’ll see there’s a leather-wrapped frame to hold your iPhone in place, along with a transparent ID pocket, three card slots, and a money pocket. There are also cut-outs for quick access to your phone’s controls, ports, and camera. It’s not the most protective case around and the leather will age, but it’s still a lot of fun.

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Sena Classic Leather Sleeve ($20)

Sena Classic Leather Sleeve

This is a simple solution to slip your iPhone SE away and keep it snug and safe when you aren’t using it. Sena’s slim pouch is made from genuine leather with neat stitching and a soft microsuede lining inside that will keep your iPhone SE looking great. The exterior leather has a pebbled texture to it that enhances grip and comfort. There are also openings in the bottom to ensure that the speaker isn’t muffled. You can get it in black, or visit Sena’s website for blue, green, white, pink, and purple options.

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Amazon Sena

VRS Design Crystal Bumper Case ($14)

VRS Design Crystal Bumper Case

This case combines a TPU layer that’s shock absorbing and transparent with a tough polycarbonate bumper that surrounds the outside. The bumper has well-defined button covers for the volume and power keys, too, and there are four colors to choose from, so you can match the bumper to the color of your iPhone SE. The case will guard against small drops and bumps, and it also has a lip to protect your phone’s display, but it’s not a truly rugged case.

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FlexiShield Gel Case ($8)

FlexiShield Gel Case

Here’s a simple gel case that’s super easy to fit on your iPhone SE. It adds a thin layer for simple protection and grip, the latter of which makes your phone more comfortable to hold. You can get the case in black, blue, red, or pink, but we prefer the clear version as it shows off Apple’s design. There are thin button covers, and it offers all the necessary cut-outs for your phone’s features. The raised lip around the screen also provides a little protection when you place your phone face down, and helps prevent accidental screen touches.

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LuMee Selfie Light Case ($40)

LuMee Selfie Light Case

The Lumee might seem rather clunky at first glance, but that’s because it packs its own lighting system, which can help you capture great selfies at night. There’s a dimmer switch inside the case, so you can pick the correct lighting level for your environment, and the built-in battery can last for up to 36 hours. The Lumee is also good if you need to find something in the dark, or FaceTime with someone. And the case does provide basic drop protection.

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Tech21 Evo Mesh Case ($18+)

Tech21 Evo Mesh Case

An eye-catching mesh pattern and a special TPU formula that delivers solid drop protection should be enough to draw the Evo Mesh to your attention. If not, however, the case comes outfitted with easy-to-use button covers and accurate openings for your phone’s side switch, camera, and ports. The case is flexible and very easy to grip. It’s also translucent and comes with a white, black, or pink tinge. Tech21 is a name you can trust, and your iPhone SE will survive falls of up to 6.6 feet in height if it’s wearing this case.

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Apple Amazon

Moshi iGlaze Armour Case ($40)

Moshi iGlaze Armour Case

You’ll love the metallic style of this attractive case. It’s a hard shell that snaps onto your iPhone SE, and it has a soft plastic layer inside to prevent any impact damage from bumps and falls. There’s a little lip on the front of the case to protect your phone’s screen when you lay it face down. The cut-outs are perfect, including the round one on the back that showcases the Apple logo. The matte, metallic frame is only interrupted by soft plastic sections for the ports and the tactile button covers. The back panel is made of brushed aluminum, and there’s a shiny, silver ring to highlight the logo cut-out. This classy case also comes in one of several colors, including a pink and gray.

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Carved Traveler Wood Case ($24+)

Carved Traveler Wood Case

Natural wood always looks nice, and Carved offers a wide selection of different woods to choose from, all of which are sustainably harvested. The slim cases are are made of flexible polycarbonate shells with a wood panel set into the back. You can go for plain wood grain or choose from one of the many stylish designs, all of which are made in partnership with various artists. The openings for the ports and camera are accurate and the button covers are minimal. The sides have a nice, grippy texture that helps ensure you don’t drop your iPhone. These cases start at $24 and go as high as $50, depending on what wood and design you choose.

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Amazon Carved

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper Case ($25)

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper Case

These clever bumper cases offer protection where you actually need it, leaving the screen and back of your iPhone SE uncovered. They’re chunky, rubbery bumpers that go all the way round the frame and extend from front and back to keep your iPhone from touching any surface when placed face down. You might fear you’re exposed, but these bumpers actually offer really solid drop protection. There are also openings for the ports and switch, and round button covers for the volume controls. You even get a special protective film in the box for the back of your iPhone SE, and you can add a screen protector ($20) for complete coverage.

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Evolutive Labs

Speck CandyShell Inked Case ($22+)

Speck CandyShell Inked Case

If you’re bored by matte colors and dull designs, then the CandyShell Inked is definitely for you. Speck’s solid, military-standard drop protection combines a shock absorbent layer and a hard outer shell into a single case. Your iPhone SE is safe with this case on. The openings and button covers are just right, and there’s a raised bezel to help protect your smartphone’s display. The real attraction is the range of vibrant patterns and designs, which also happen to be resistant to scratches and fading.

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Amazon Speck

Grovemade Maple and Leather Case ($79)

Grovemade Maple and Leather Case

Grovemade’s beautiful cases combine natural materials for a classy and unique look. The hand-sanded, maple frame features precise openings for your phone’s ports and camera, and there are even wooden covers for the volume and power buttons. The back plate is vegetable-tanned leather, which looks and feels great. Each of the cases is slightly different due to the build materials, but they all age gracefully. They’re also designed and made in Portland, Oregon. If you don’t like the maple, you can always opt for walnut with black leather.

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Incipio Isla Design Series Case ($6+)

Incipio Isla Design Series Case

You can wrap your iPhone SE in a stylish design and protect it at the same time with Incipio’s Design Series. The Isla features a metallic arrow pattern that’s available in an array of different colors, with a translucent shell for added visibility. The fit is perfect, and you’ll find easy access to ports and side switch. There’s also an opening for the camera, and subtle button covers for the power and volume keys. Incipio also offers a few alternative designs, including a wild rose pattern that’s very eye-catching.

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Amazon Incipio

Otterbox Defender Series Case ($10+)

Otterbox Defender Series Case

Triple layer protection should be enough to keep your iPhone SE safe and sound, even if you are really clumsy. The Defender offers really solid drop protection, and it covers every angle of your phone with a built-in screen protector and port covers. There are cut-outs on the back, too, so you can use the camera and continue to show off the Apple logo. The button covers are excellent and allow you to use TouchID with the case on, but really protective cases like this do impact general usability. If you don’t need this level of protection, consider stepping down to the Commuter Series.

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Amazon Otterbox

Nodus Access Case 2 ($72)

Nodus Access Case 2

Gorgeous, full-grain leather is the perfect material for a folio-style case. Instead of having a plastic shell inside to hold your iPhone SE in place, Nodus uses micro suction pads, which helps to keep the profile slim and retain full access to your phone’s ports and buttons. The lining of the case uses soft microfiber, and there’s a handy pocket in the cover with the Nodus logo. The exterior is uninterrupted leather finished in black, brown, yellow, or green with a cut-out on the back for the camera.

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Ringke Fusion Case ($10+)

Ringke Fusion Case

You can avoid hiding the design of your iPhone SE with this transparent case. It sports a crystal-clear polycarbonate back panel, combined with a malleable TPU bumper, which takes the sting out of bumps and falls. There are button covers for the volume and power keys, and you’ll find accurate cut-outs for the camera, ports, and switch. The basic case is clear, but some models showcase a tinted bumper that’s available in either smoke black or rose gold.

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Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case ($25+)

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case

If you need serious protection from damage and the elements, then this case could be for you. The aptly-named Survivor All-Terrain exceeds military standards to safeguard your iPhone SE from dirt, rain, shock, and vibrations. It combines virtually unbreakable polycarbonate with shock-absorbing silicone. There are also special port plugs, camera and button covers, and a built-in screen protector. A chunky case like this obviously impacts ease of use — and some versions don’t work with TouchID — but it will certainly keep your phone safe.

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Amazon Griffin

Spigen Tough Armor Case ($17+)

Spigen Tough Armor Case

This is another tough case that combines an inner layer of flexible TPU with a hard, polycarbonate panel with contrasting color. It’s quite chunky, but it does deliver solid drop protection. The openings for the camera, ports, and switch are accurate, and there are over-sized button covers that work well. There’s also a cut-out for the Apple logo on the back, along with a raised lip that ensures your phone doesn’t come into contact with the ground or other surfaces.

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Amazon Spigen

X-Doria Scene Case ($10+)

X-Doria Scene Case

Here’s a slim case with a smart design that offers basic protection without cramping your iPhone SE’s style. The translucent polycarbonate back panel allows you to see the iPhone SE design, and X-Doria has added a rubberized bumper, which protects the phone from shock. The button covers are well-defined and easy to press, and there are cut-outs for the ports, camera, and switch. You can get the bumper in black, white, orange, or green.

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Amazon X-Doria

Caseology Savoy Series Case ($13)

Caseology Savoy Series Case

The low price is definitely a major attraction for this case, because it looks quite classy. The shell is made of polycarbonate with a soft touch finish on the outside, the latter component of which helps with grip. It’s fairly slim and there are cut-outs for your phone’s camera, ports, and buttons. The contrasting color combinations and the gloss finish also help it stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t look quite as good close up as it does from a distance, but it’s good value for money.

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Apple Leather Case ($39)


Apple’s official leather case is made using a finished leather that adds a quality feel to your iPhone. It’s slim, lightweight, and made specifically for the iPhone SE, so there won’t be any pockets of air or unappealing gaps between the phone and case. The inside is lined with soft, microfiber material to help protect your phone during drops, and the outside is subtle thanks to the attractive black (or blue) dye.

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Power Support Air Jacket ($30)


The Air Jacket is a great case if you don’t want to cover up the design and style of the iPhone SE. The case is made of hard plastic and comes in Smoke, Black, Matte White, and Clear colors. The latter three options leave the phone visible to the outside world. It’s incredibly thin, and at a glance, you may not notice the case. Once it’s snapped on, however, it offers some basic protection from scratches and drops. The screen isn’t protected, but the package does come with screen protectors — one Anti-Glare and one Crystal Clear — meaning you can protect your phone while also maintaining the functionality and visibility of the screen.

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Apple Amazon

Mophie Juice Pack Air ($60+)


If you want to double the total battery life of your iPhone SE, Mophie’s juice pack is the way to go. The Air variation of Mophie’s battery case is lighter and thinner than its juice pack plus counterpart, but still manages to get the job done all the same. Just flip the toggle on the case to begin charging your iPhone, and keep an eye on how much power is left using the built-in LED lights on the back. You’ll have access to the headphone jack, charge port, and the camera via cutouts, and the case protects the power and volume buttons with easy-to-press covers.

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Apple Mophie Amazon

LifeProof FRĒ Series Waterproof Case ($60+)


LifeProof’s case completely encloses the iPhone SE to protect it from the elements. The case itself is as slim as it can be without compromising any of its features, which includes a waterproof, snowproof, dirtproof, and drop-resistant build. It also has a built-in screen protector and, despite its appearance, leaves every port, camera, and button accessible. You just need to flip off the covers protecting them. Additionally, should something go wrong with the case, it’s backed by a one-year warranty, so you can get a working replacement as soon as possible.

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Amazon  LifeProof

TORU Hidden Wallet Case ($15)


TORU’s case offers the same amount of storage as wallet cases, but does so without using the same design. The wallet compartment is found hidden in the back of the case, which can be revealed by flipping the back open. Inside, you can store money and up to three credit cards or IDs, or two cards if you want to use the included mirror. The case adds a bit of bulk to your iPhone SE, but with that bulk comes with dual-layer protection, shock absorption, and a kickstand that makes use of the aforementioned flip cover. The edges are also raised to keep the touchscreen from being scratched when placed face down on a table or the ground. Be careful how far your turn the back cover, however, as anything further than 120 degrees may cause it to snap off.

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