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Cell Phone HDD’s Survive 1.5-Meter Drop

“The reason equipment with a 1-inch HDD is becoming so common suddenly is the sharp drop in price per unit storage capacity. A 4-Gbyte drive currently runs at between US$100 and US$120 from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Inc (HGST) of the US, or for about US$90 from GS Magicstor Inc of China. This works out at between 2.5 and 3.3 per Mbyte.

A slightly smaller drive, the 0.85-inch HDD, has appeared recently, with Toshiba Corp of Japan sample-shipping its 2-Gbyte model in August 2004. The first mobile music players featuring 0.85-inch drives are expected to be released in early 2005, although the price per Mbyte will probably be slightly higher than for existing 1-inch HDDs. “

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