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The Huawei P10 could be the phone to beat in 2017, according to these leaked specs

Huawei is gearing up for what could be the company’s most powerful smartphone to date, if the leaked specs for the upcoming P10 are anything to go by.

The specs were found in a log of GFXBench, and they give some insight into what we should expect from the P10, which will likely be released in 2017. In the log, we can see the phone being referred to as LON-L29. This year’s P9 had a model number of LON-L19, so the model number found in the benchmark log most likely refers to what will eventually be the P10.

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So what exactly does the benchmark log reveal? Well, for starters the device will have a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels — that’s a bump up from the full HD display on the P9. On top of that, we should expect a new 2.3GHz octa-core Kirin 960 processor, as well as a hefty 6GB of RAM — an amount that very few phones, including the OnePlus 3, have today. The P9 has only 3GB of RAM, so the bump up to 6GB represents a pretty major upgrade.

When it comes to onboard storage, the device listed boasts a whopping 256GB, however it’s likely there will be more than one variant on offer, so perhaps the 256GB version is the top-tier option. The camera on the phone is 12MP, however the log doesn’t say whether the device will have the same dual-lens setup as the P9 or not. The front-facing camera is 8MP, and the device will ship with Android 7.0 Nougat.

Overall, the phone seems to be shaping up to be pretty darn impressive. We don’t have a release date for the phone just yet, but if Huawei sticks to its standard release cycle the device should be available at some point during the summer.