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These 5 ‘Broad City’ YouTube episodes will help you endure the wait for season 3

For the past 14 months Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have mined the awkward transition into early adulthood for comedic gold with their Comedy Central series Broad City. Over two seasons, Abbi and Ilana have cleaned a house half-naked for a man-baby fetishist, gotten wasted with Kelly Ripa, introduced millions of people to the art of “pegging”, and performed or discussed plenty of other NSFW acts.

However, four years before producer Amy Poehler helped her fellow Upright Citizen Brigade alums transform their warped humor into a network television show, it existed as a rough, yet promising, YouTube series of the same name. During Broad City‘s Seth Rogen-moderated panel at New York City’s Paley Center last November, Ilana admitted that the young showrunners “still refer to the Web experience for the TV show” and turn ideas from the YouTube series into episodes for the Comedy Central version. With season two’s finale airing tonight and Broad City already renewed for a third season, here are five episodes from the YouTube series that could make for fantastic episodes in season three.

V Chat

The V Chat episode from the first season of Broad City‘s YouTube series is five minutes of a day-long video chat session where Ilana helps Abbi prepare for an upcoming date with text message courtship techniques. The second season of the Comedy Central series featuring an episode where they “fall into the lint roll matrix” of Internet obsession, and they try to share marijuana smoke through video chats on the second episode of the Comedy Central series’ first season, but there is too much comedic gold in an all tech episode of Broad City to pass up. Just imagine Abbi running the New York City Marathon while video chatting with Ilana from a selfie stick after the site tracking the runner’s progress goes down. Or even an episode where Ilana demonstrates her aversion to a serious, traditional relationship by finding a mate through a dangerous cocktail of OKCupid and JDate searches.

Modern Family recently broke similar ground with an episode filmed entirely on Apple devices and framed within the Macbook screen of a technologically-inept Claire Dunphy as she frantically tries to contact her children with the help of Find My Phone apps and an easily hacked iCloud account (Snoopy is a horrible password, FYI).

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