Here are our favorite ads from this year’s Super Bowl (Updated)

The winner of this year’s Super Bowl may have been decided, but if you’re more interested in which company won the TV ad battle, then here’s a rundown of the most exciting, most controversial, or just plain craziest ads aired during the game. Watch them all, then tell us which one gets your vote.

So, get ready for puppies, celebrities, burgers, and so much more.

Updated on 02-02-2015 by Andy Boxall: Added in more TV ads now the game is all over.

Loctite wants to be the glue that holds marriages together

Want to see people stick things together, wobble body parts, dance in an unconventional way, point at their private areas, and sing about glue? Really? Fair enough, you’ll adore Loctite’s commercial then.

Nationwide sells insurance in an unfunny way, upsets everyone

Nationwide wants you to insure your family, but misjudges the public’s willingness to think about kids dying in accidents during the Super Bowl.

Fiat turns the 500 into the 500X with one, small, blue pill

You know those little blue pills that help make certain physical attributes a bit bigger? Well, Fiat does, and has apparently used one to make the cute 500 city car into a larger, less cute version called the 500X.

Nissan says something about dads and cars, people get emotional

Anyone familiar with the song Cat’s in the Cradle will be surprised at its use here, but Nissan has sensibly altered the words for a more positive meaning. There’s a glimpse of a new Nissan Maxima at the end too.

Walter White’s back to sell you, um, car insurance

Walter White is considered one of the greatest television characters ever written, so why wouldn’t he, and the actor who brought him to life, make a special return for a car insurance advert? Well, he says, “Say my name,” so maybe it’s because of that.

Liam Neeson plays Clash of Clans, thinks he’s making Taken 4

Bryan Cranston’s not the only one milking a cash cow. Liam Neeson gets to repeat his Taken performance (again) in this short ad for Clash of Clans.

Kim Kardashian cares about all the unloved data

T-Mobile latest uncarrier move is the introduction of DataStash, a service where users can roll over the extra data usually left unused at the end of the month, ready to use during the next month. To help get the word out. T-Mobile has recruited usually shy Kim Kardashian to tell us all about it. She takes the time to share all sorts of ways we could use the extra data we get back — by enjoying more of her innocent, adorable antics. Will it win her a few fans? Well, we did like Tim Tebow a bit more after his contract-free antics.

Carls Jr.’s ‘Au Naturel’ talks about more than just burgers

What’s a Super Bowl without controversy? We’ve already heard about the whole Go Daddy thing, and burger chain Carls Jr. is also in some hot water over its ad, which talks about its new all-natural burgers with model Charlotte McKinney. Why the controversy? The ad focuses a whole lot less on the burgers, and a lot more about the model’s features. Complaints have, unsurprisingly, flooded in. McKinney seems to have no qualms though, and we’re guessing Carls Jr. doesn’t either if it helps sell more burgers.

Jeff Bridges lulls you to sleep with his new SquareSpace website

When you think of a nice lullaby, does Jeff Bridges come to mind? Well, maybe. The Dude was a pretty relaxed guy. SquareSpace agrees, and has helped the iconic actor launch a new website called Dreaming with Jeff. The site features Bridges (in slightly creepy mode) helping lull you to sleep with his meditative music. Will Jeff be more effective at sending you to the land of nod, than simply thinking about building a website using SquareSpace? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Pierce Brosnan goes on an adventure … Sort of

Kia has recruited actor, former James Bond, and damn cool guy Pierce Brosnan in its ad, sending him out on a brand new adventure — in a Kia. As you may expect, driving the reliable family vehicle can’t match the fun and games to be had inside an invisible Aston Martin, but we do get to see Brosnan’s mind run wild with all the possibilities. Besides, it’s far more fun to watch than hearing Morpheus practice hitting the high notes while sitting in the back seat of your car.

The world goes insane in this Super Bowl Mophie ad

What happens when your phone dies? Does the world end? For most, it might as well. Mophie, known for its smartphone recharging cases and accessories, makes its big Super Bowl debut here with an intense ad about the world ending – or more accurately, a certain someone’s phone dying.

Bud Light brings real-life PacMan to The Big Game

Last year, Bud Light brought its “Up for Whatever” ad to the Super Bowl, showing what might happen if you take a Bud Light some stranger offers you. It’s the same antics again this year, and the ad features a “real-life PacMan” but not the combined brilliance of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reggie Watts. Of course, this will never happen to us, because we’d be too afraid of the bottle containing something far worse than Bud Light to accept one from a stranger. Guess that’s our loss. Or not.

Budweiser plays it safe with dogs, horses, and some music

If real-life PacMan didn’t feature enough dogs or horses, and the music was too upbeat, then Budweiser’s other ad ticks all those boxes. Something for everyone, then.

Danny Trejo makes a cameo in this Brady Bunch-themed Snickers ad

Snickers is at the Super Bowl again and this year its ad continues the popular theme that “you aren’t you when you’re hungry.” This year, they’ve brought in the talent of action star Danny Trejo to play a hungry Marcia from the iconic Brady family from The Brady Bunch. Also appearing is a quick cameo from Steve Buscemi as Marcia’s sister, Jan.

Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric ask about BMW’s new i3, the Internet, and twerking.

BMW is channeling the ’90s in this ad when Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric used to host “The Today Show.” The two wonder quizzically about The Internet, and how the “@” symbol is pronounced. The ad then jumps to today, where the two are driving a new, all-eletri BMW i3, wondering similarly about its innovations. We’re afraid to say it, but there’s even the mention of twerking in this Super Bowl spot.

Microsoft brings back its ads about technology and humanity

Last year Microsoft brought out its Super Bowl ad that featured the humanity in the heart of its technology and innovations, showcasing former NFL player Steve Gleason and his empowerment against ALS using Microsoft technology. This year’s premise is similar, featuring two Super Bowl ads with one about the support of underprivileged students on “Esetella’s Brilliant Bus” and another about Braylon O’Neill, a child born without either his tibula or fibula bones in either of his legs.

Snoop Dogg, Gilbert Gottfried and Eat24 want to know if you are ‘Hangry’

Feeling Hangry, or maybe just plain old hungry? Either way, Eat24 has you covered as an app with access to hundreds of local restaurants. Snoop (is it Dogg or Lion these days?) comes along for the ride, with an angry Gottfried to embody our serious hunger.

Newcastle Brown Ale shares our pain about the #brandbowl

The Super Bowl is actually about football – but sometimes you’d wonder otherwise from all the advertisers bombarding us during The Big Game. Newcastle Brown Ale feels our pain, so they took their Super Bowl spot to mock the #brandbowl by overdoing it during their ad with hilarious results.

TurboTax asks if a certain revolution was really necessary

The Patriots ultimately won the Super Bowl, but what if America’s first patriots could file taxes for free? TurboTax asks the question that no one else was wondering, and gives us a look into what might have happened if the British gave us a break on our tax filings.

Let us know what you think your favorites were from The Big Game!

Article originally published on 02-01-2015

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