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Here are all the best ads from this year’s Super Bowl

Great news! It’s time for the annual, pant-wettingly exciting, must-watch televisual mega-event where the latest and greatest commercials are aired over the space of several hours, interspersed with tedious footage of men throwing, catching, and sometimes even running with an unusually shaped ball.

That’s right, it’s the Super Bowl, and the good news is, you don’t even have to sit in a room with other people to enjoy being subconsciously sold products under the guise of harmless entertainment, because we have all those ads right here!

Here’s a rundown of all the ads everyone will be talking about, giggling uncontrollably over, and incessantly sharing through social media over the next few days.

Updated on 02-08-2016 by Andy Boxall: Added in another selection of Super Bowl ads, and new navigation links

Butterfinger: Bolder Than Bold Jump

The meeting during which the idea for Butterfinger’s ad campaign was conceived must have been awesome! One ridiculous idea after another being spouted from the mouths of people who think they’re amusing, or worse, ‘random’, while other executives convulse on the floor because it’s all so hilarious. This is the result.

PayPal: New Money

You know all those old guys on bank notes? Phew, they’re old and therefore should be mocked a bit. It’s PayPal doing the mocking, because it’s ‘New Money.” No old guys at all there.

Skittles: The Portrait

Bendy-faced Aerosmith warbler Steven Tyler lends his voice to an animated picture of his own face, and says the phrase “E to the Z oh twiddly-dee-gusting.” Funny, that was exactly my thought while watching every Super Bowl commercial from 2016.

Bai: Horse Whisperer

Every other advertiser is so stupid! The key to brilliant, memorable advertising has been proven by Bai. Marketing people lazily make up the tagline “None of this makes sense,” and then is completely free to make ads that don’t make any sense, therefore require only a little effort. They turn out like this.

Pepsi: Joy of Pepsi

Two things I learned from this commercial. 1: Who Janelle Monáe is. 2: That in Pepsi’s history book, there have only been three musical trends over the past 50 years.

Honda: Ridgeline

If speakers in the bed of a pickup weren’t a hateful enough creation, then this Honda ad compounds it with singing sheep, and a talking dog.

Audi: Commander

This is almost perfect. The glorious Audi R8 V10, likened to a space rocket, and the driver to an astronaut may be a tried and tested analogy, but it’s put together well here. It’s spoiled by an out-of-place soundtrack, which drowns out the R8’s engine, and takes away much of the ad’s impact.

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