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Goal Zero’s next-generation Yeti Lithium power stations packed with new features

Portable power and solar energy pioneer Goal Zero took the wraps off its next-generation Yeti Lithium charging solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday.

The new generators feature a long list of improvements over the company’s previous models, including a more powerful AC inverter, a smart digital screen for monitoring energy consumption, faster charging times, and the ability to daisy chain the batteries to achieve longer run times. The new products also weigh considerably less, making them a much better solution for use while camping, tailgating, or even just around home.

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As the name implies, the Yeti Lithium line marks the company’s first foray into the use of lithium power cells in their products. This delivers significant improvements in terms of both size and weight over the previous generation, which used lead acid batteries instead. In comparison, the new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000 weighs just 42 pounds, which is 61 pounds lighter than the Yeti 1250, which has been on the market for several years. The new model is more compact too, shaving several inches off of its dimensions.

In addition to making strides in reducing the size of these portable generators, Goal Zero has also improved the way they work with our devices. The new patent-pending AC inverter found on the Yeti Lithium models is now capable of putting out more than 1500 watts of pure sine wave power, which translates to better compatibility with a wider variety of devices. In addition to charging smartphones, tablets, and laptops, these new batteries are also capable of running a portable refrigerator, space heaters,  power tools, and other high-capacity devices, all without creating excess noise or fumes, as a traditional gas-powered generator would.

This being a Goal Zero product, the new Yeti Lithium line can be recharged using a solar panel, or it can be plugged into a wall outlet at home or 12 volt port in your car. The next-generation generators also feature pass-through charging, which allows users to power up their mobile devices while continuing to charge the battery pack at the same time.

A new smart screen integrated onto the front of the Yeti Lithium provides constant monitoring of power consumption, showing how much is being drained by the gadgets that are plugged in at any given time. That same screen also displays the time remaining until it’s full or empty, as well as an easy to read battery indicator forthe current charge level. In other words, it helps take all of the guesswork out of knowing just how much power you still have at your disposal.

As if all of these upgrades to the Goal Zero line of generators isn’t enough, the company also announced that the Yeti Lithium would offer the ability to connect several batteries together to further extend runtimes. This hasn’t been done before in any lithium-powered batteries, and having this capability unlocks a lot of new possibilities for using various tools, lighting, and appliances while in the field. Dubbed “Chaining” and “Yeti Tank,” we can expect to hear a lot more about this functionality at a later date.

Goal Zero will ship the new line of portable generators in three models; the Yeti Lithium 400, 1400, and the just announced 3000. The 400 and 1400 are expected to become available in the first quarter of 2017, with the 3000 launching the following quarter. The components needed for taking advantage of Chaining and Yeti Tank should become available sometime in the second half of the year as well. Pricing has yet to be announced.

Find out more at goalzero.com.