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Flip SlideHD Offers Slide-Up Widescreen Display

Cisco has taken the wraps off the latest entry in its popular Flip Video camcorder line: the SlideHD, with a new form factor that features a slide-up 3-inch touchscreen display, and a new “slide strip” that enables users to quickly scrub through their library to locate a specific video or photo. Plus, the SlideHD comes with 16 GB of onboard memory, enabling the device to capture up to four hours of high-definition video.

“Since its launch less than three years ago, Flip Video has changed the way the world captures and shares video,” said Cisco consumer products senior VP Jonathan Kaplan, in a statement. “The addition of the exciting new SlideHD to the Flip family allows consumers to take their life with them wherever they go and easily share those experiences with everyone around them.”

The SlideHD can capture up to four hours of high-definition MP4 video (1,280 by 720 pixels at 30 frames per second), and like other Flip camcorder models it comes pre-loaded with FlipShare software so users can easily organize and share their videos: Flip video content can be ready to post to the Internet with one click one the camcorder is connected to a PC or Mac’s USB port.

The SlideHD’s new 3-inch 400 by 240-pixel touchscreen display also makes it easy to share videos with friends and family without connecting to a PC: the slide-up display lets the unit serve as a portable media player so folks can view their own personal video collection—the 16 GB of onboard storage is enough to handle up to 12 hours of playback content—and users can even pop in headphones to keep their entertainment to themselves. Users can also connect the SlideHD to an HDTV via a separate HDMI adapter.

The SlideHD is available now from major retailers for a suggested price of $279.99; available accessories include those HDMI cables, tripods, and carrying cases.