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Sigma goes cinema: Eight pro video lenses designed for high-res cameras expected in new lineup

Lens designer Sigma isn’t just entering the cinema market — it’s heading into new territory armed with eight new lenses designed for high resolution 6K to as high as 8K recording. Announced in early September, the company will release two cinema lenses in both the U.S. and Japan this year, with five more to follow in 2017.

Sigma’s entry into the cinema market is a response to the increased demand for a lens capable of keeping up with today’s highest resolution digital sensors, the company said in a press release. Sigma, a company that’s known for its more budget-friendly third-party lenses, says that it has developed the technology to mass produce these lenses designed for high resolution cameras.

Sigma said both the 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2 will retail for $4000 and begin shipping on December 9. All of the new cinema lenses will be previewed at PhotoPlus between Thursday and Saturday.

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The Sigma cinema lenses — say that five times fast — will be initially released in the E and EF formats, with plans for expanding to a PL mount already in the works.

The Cine lens line will have three different categories, with all of them slated to include a waterproof design with a 180-degree focus rotation as well as optics designed for high resolution cameras. High-speed zoom lenses will offer a constant T/2 aperture, with a compact design. The high-speed zooms are expected to include an 18-35 mm and a 50-100 mm. A single full frame zoom lens, 24-35 mm T/2.2, will offer an option that is tougher to come by with both full-frame compatibility and optics designed specifically for ultra-high resolutions.

Five T/1.5 prime lenses, from 20mm to 85mm, are also expected in Sigma’s move to cinema.

Each of the lenses are expected to accommodate 82mm filters, with the exception of the widest prime lens — which cannot take filters at all — and will also fit standard accessories like follow-focus tools with a 95mm-front diameter. While the iris can be controlled manually, an electronic connection to the camera will embed the lens details in the file’s metadata.

The upcoming cinema lenses will join Sigma’s art, contemporary and sport-lens lineups. While the first lenses will be released in December, formal introductions for the remainder of the lineup are expected to continue into 2017.

This story was originally published in September 2016. Updated on 10-20-16 by Hillary Grigonis: Added pricing and expected availability.