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Dish wraps Sprint in a US flag, but Japan’s Softbank is a better deal for consumers

Dish Network wants to buy Sprint and it's outbid Japanese carrier Softbank to do it. But do we really want another TV company in the wireless business? If you care about low prices, the anser is "No, thank you."

Not so fast, SoftBank, Dish Network has offered $25.5 billion for Sprint

Dish Network has issued an unsolicited bid totaling over $25 billion for Sprint Nextel, several months after the Japanese network Softbank offered $20 billion to acquire the struggling network.
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U.S. Court of Appeals hands Aereo legal victory over network TV

Broadcast TV streaming service, Aereo, won a legal victory over television networks today as the U.S. Court of Appeals in New York ruled in its favor. The networks, which maintain that what Aereo is doing is illegal, are expected to fire…
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Dish to Fox: It’s too late to say that our new DVR tech is dangerous

Just more than a month after Fox Broadcasting filed court papers claiming that Dish Network's next generation DVR is aiding and abetting piracy, Dish has responded with a legal filing arguing that, even if that were true, it's still too…
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Blockbuster rises from the canvas, re-launches spruced up on-demand service

Blockbuster isn't out for the count just yet. In the wake of bankruptcy and store-closure announcments, the company is relaunching its video-on-demand service in an apparent effort to reinvigorate its brand.
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Blockbuster UK bankrupt, bound for administration

What does the fall of the once-mighty Blockbuster Video chain tell us about modern industry?
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Dish Network remains in court over ad-skipping feature, decides to put up its feet and stay a while

Dish Network is getting comfortable in its court chairs as it steadfastly fights back against network assertions that its commercial-skipping technologies are irreparably harmful.

Dish Network’s Hopper takes another big leap forward in 2013

CEO John Slayton's embracing of consumers' "full blown sprint" to mobile viewing has Dish Network offering even more options and apps in the latest version of The Hopper

Dish Network finally has a green light to offer 4G, so when do we get our satellite phones?

Dish Network has recently gotten its 4G network blessing from the FCC, but just what is it planning for the future?

Still got a Blockbuster nearby? It may become a cell phone store

In an attempt to break into the mobile industry, Dish Network may begin selling smartphones at its Blockbuster brick and mortar locations.
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Dish Network employees will be allowed to tweet freely once more

Does a company have the right to prevent employees from sharing their thoughts about their company on social media? That's the question at the center of a new legal ruling issued today.
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Dish literally wins some and loses some in ongoing DVR lawsuits with TV networks

A continuing legal battle between Dish Network and the broadcast networks it carries over whether or not ad-skipping DVR technology should be allowed had two decisions passed down this week - But if you think either one will bring the fight…