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Report: Dish Network and DirecTV executives are mulling over a merger

Do we have another Comcast / Time Warner situation in the works? According to a recent report, management at Dish Network and DirecTV are considering a merger to take on the new cable giant.
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Dish Network’s Super Joey DVR companion makes its heroic debut

Dish Network's clever little companion box to its popular Hopper DVR uses its super powers to add two extra tuners to your home, allowing subscribers to record up to 8 programs at once.

DirecTV might mirror Dish’s Disney deal to launch its own online TV service

In the wake of an unprecedented deal between Dish Network and Disney, DirecTV hopes to have similar luck in contract re-negotiations to secure Disney content for its own online TV service. Could that someday mean ESPN without a satellite or…
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As the ink dries on Dish’s new licensing terms with Disney, CBS eyes a better deal

CBS president Les Moonves says Dish Network will have to do better than its recent deal with Disney if it wants to secure CBS content for its forthcoming online TV service. Meanwhile Dish uses AutoHop as a bargaining chip to try and create…
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Dish Network and Disney to kiss and makeup over Auto Hop

Dish Network and Disney are making up, according to recent reports, settling on their current legal battle over Dish Network's Auto Hop feature. The deal would end one of four lawsuits currently being waged against Dish Network by the four…
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Fox Fail: Network strikes out again in attempt to stop Dish’s Auto Hop feature

Dish Network's Hopper DVR claimed another victory today against Fox, as a U.S. District Court struck down the broadcaster's latest appeal. The appeail is just one of several attempts by Fox to keep commercials in front of our eyes. But how…
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Dish Network’s Joey is multiplying before our eyes at CES 2014

Emphasizing a focus on affordability, availability, and ease of use, Dish Network has unveiled a whole new family of companion Joey DVR devices at CES 2014, which will make its content even more prevalent and easy to access no matter where…
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Blockbusted: Blockbuster to shutter remaining stores, kill off movie-by-mail

The last remaining Blockbuster retail locations will soon be shuttered up as parent company Dish Network announces it is closing down Blockbuster's retail and movie-by-mail programs. Blockbuster on-demand and @Home services will remain…

Southwest, Dish team up to offer free in-flight TV on mobile devices

Definitely a great source of entertainment during Southwest flights, the airline and Dish Network have partnered to provide passengers access to a selection of live television stations on mobile devices for free.

Sprint is the prettiest girl at the dance: Dish and SoftBank hurl insults at one another

Sprint is considering offers for its controlling stake from DISH Network and Japanese carrier SoftBank, but the competing companies' CEOs have been slinging a more than a bit of mud lately.

Dish wraps Sprint in a US flag, but Japan’s Softbank is a better deal for consumers

Dish Network wants to buy Sprint and it's outbid Japanese carrier Softbank to do it. But do we really want another TV company in the wireless business? If you care about low prices, the anser is "No, thank you."

Not so fast, SoftBank, Dish Network has offered $25.5 billion for Sprint

Dish Network has issued an unsolicited bid totaling over $25 billion for Sprint Nextel, several months after the Japanese network Softbank offered $20 billion to acquire the struggling network.