The plan for making 5G mobile connections a reality by 2020 is coming together

The International Telecommunications Union has laid out its plan for establishing the rules and regulations regarding 5G mobile data connections. The new system will be known as IMT-2020 , and the name is a reference to the earliest it will…

Can the inmates run the asylum? The U.S. plan to stop ruling the open Internet

As the United States signals it's ready to relinquish authority over the Internet's core operations, is ICANN ready to step up and take charge?

SOPA, COPPA, and other ways Washington tangled with the Web in 2012

From SOPA, to the failed U.N. Internet takeover, 2012 has been a monumental year for the relationship between the Web and the powers that be in Washington D.C. Here are the five biggest moments.

Hooray! The UN didn’t take over the Internet after all

After Google, Congress, and everyone else worried about the future of the Internet got us all freaked out about an impending United Nations "takeover," it turns out that the whole thing was mostly a big waste of time.

State of the Web: Why Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia won’t ruin the Internet … yet

Even in a worst-case scenario, whatever happens at the UN's ITU conference this week will have little effect on Web users in the United States (at least in the short run). It's the rest of the world that needs to worry.

The not-boring guide to the United Nations’ non-takeover of the Internet

On Monday, 193 United Nations member states will gather in Dubai to decide the future of the Internet. The details are messy, confusing, and sometimes secret. And nobody knows what's going to happen. Here's a quick-and-dirty guide to filthy…

Interview: US Ambassador David Gross explains UN ‘takeover’ of the Internet

Digital Trends talks with former U.S. Ambassador David A. Gross about the international proposals to give member states of the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations' agency, more regulatory power over the global Internet.

Republican Congress members urge US Secretary Clinton to defend the Internet

Our Internet is under threat of United Nations control, apparently - Despite the UN denying any such interests - leading to a new call for US Secretary Clinton to form a new coalition of the willing to save the day.

House resolution urges U.S. to stand firm against U.N. Internet power grab

A House committee has passed a resolution urging the Obama administration to continue to fight back against international efforts to take over Internet governance.

Does the UN want to take over the Internet? Not according to the UN

There's only one problem with the conspiracy theory that Russia, China and other countries are planning on using an upcoming conference to hand control of the Internet to a United Nations agency: The agency is making a point of telling…
Web aims to expose UN ‘takeover’ of the Internet

New site seeks to shed light on proposals that aim to give the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union and its member states more power over the Internet.

US gov’t, Web titans go to battle against UN Internet power grab: Everything you need to know

The US government and a variety of technology giants are working in concert to prevent the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union from taking over control of the Internet. Here, a brief guide to the battle that could…