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Bill Roberson

I've been a wirehead and motorhead since I could turn a knob or throttle - and then I fell in love with photography, so Digital Trends is pretty much a perfect fit for my many tech interests. However, motorcycles are my passion! Follow me on Twitter: @BillRobersonDT

Johammer electric moto

The Johammer J1 is no slug — or is it?

Made in Austria by a company that's apparently putting something in its employees' water, the Johammer J1 is just the type of craziness I hope we see more of as we go down the road toward a future filled with innovative, electrically-driven vehicles.


2014 Ducati Monster 1200s review

The bike, in terms of ride quality and performance, is exceptional.


It’s a motorcycle! It’s a camera! It’s … a motorcycle made of cameras?

After racking his brain as to how he could make the camera low-profile or unique, Chicara Nagata bailed on that idea and returned to what he knew: motorcycles. The result is an incredibly cool mix of vintage moto and cutting-edge surveillance technologies.


Guess again: Honda’s NM4 Vultus isn’t a scooter, electric, or Batman’s new ride

Honda's anime-inspired NM4 Vultus boasts an eyebrow-raising design and the same beginner-friendly design as its brothers the NC700 and CTX700. But will new riders flock to it or flee?

Voxan Wattman electric right angle

Hang on tight! Voxan’s Wattman electric motorcycle hits 60 in 3.4 seconds

Instead of try to pare down the Wattman to a svelte fighting weight, Voxan has gone the Honda Goldwing route and embraced its considerable 771-pound bulk while offsetting it with some prodigious power.


Ducati’s 2015 Diavel gets Audi-inspired LEDs, power down low where it counts

Ducati has updated its Diavel cruiser for the 2015 model year. With bigger power, bigger features, and a lot more pizzaz, there's no reason why this second-gen power cruiser can't take on anything it comes up against in the twisties.

Kinshasa Traffic Robot

‘By your command!’ As it turns out, we’re happy to obey robots

The engineer in Africa thinks drivers obey the robots because unlike humans, they can't be reasoned with, bribed or distracted. Run the light and you might get a ticket in the mail. Or arrested. So how far would humans let robots push them?


The guy behind the Tron lightcycle also designed the Lotus C-01 (can you tell?) has released photos and a bit of information regarding the sports car maker's initial foray into the two-wheeled realm, and it's either a stunner or... something else, depending on your tastes.

2015 Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe featured

Jaguar’s villianous F-TYPE Coupe ad isn’t very super, probably won’t bowl anyone over

Jaguar released its Super Bowl ad this morning. And, despite big names and budgets, the result is pretty poor. How did Jag make its F-TYPE Coupe ad so boring, when the car itself is so damned uproarious?


Convertible FR-S / BRZ in the works? Not if Subaru can help it

According to an interview with a Scion VP conducted by Wards Auto, cash-flush Toyota - Scion's sugar daddy - might forge ahead on its own to build a ragtop FR-S independent of Subaru.

Harley-Davidson Street 500 750 hd 750 print

A high-tech Harley? Inside the next generation of smarter, smaller hogs

Like a lot of motorcycle builders, Harley had a tough stretch during the Great Recession. They took a multi-point approach to update their bikes and the result is a new line of lightweight bikes for beginners and some serious updates to their big touring platforms.


DT Daily: Pen ‘writes’ layer of cells, Colombia’s deadly stolen phone market, Russian UFO case

Today on DT Daily: Medical pen writes layer of cells during surgery, Colombia's deadly stolen cell phone market and Russia may have been chatting with ETs.

Skully Hud Helmet

Does putting a display in a motorcycle helmet make you suicidal … or safer?

While distracted driving is a daily headline and in-car tech seems to increase the distraction quotient with every model year, there’s one place where a pure focus on the road ahead seems to persist: on a motorcycle. But that may be about to change.

Carbon E-Bike

Meet Brutus, the heavy-duty motorcycle from British lightweight carmaker Caterham

Headlining the new effort is the Brutus 750, a burly dual-sport motorcycle, and two electric bicycles including one that looks like a board track racer and another that will likely eat mountain bikes for a light snack.

bmw s1000r actionwheelie-2-970x646-c

BMW rolls out new R1200RT for open-road warriors, 160 hp S1000R for well-heeled hooligans

Winter is virtually here and, while many riders are dialing back road time or putting their steeds into hibernation as the snow begins to fall, BMW has announced two new bikes to dream about on those cold, dark nights. 2014 R 1200 RT The first is the “all new” version of the boxer sport-tourer icon, […]

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