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New Windows 10 update focuses on work Focus, Timeline features

Windows in Time

A major update to Windows 10 has dropped from Microsoft, and it includes a way to do a bit of… time traveling. Redmond has finally released the “April update” of Win10 after it was delayed due to an issue that was causing some testers to get the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.” Hopefully they’ve got that ironed out by now, and the latest update does include some noteworthy changes and features, especially one called Timeline.

If you’re a Mac user, this might look a bit similar to the Time Machine feature, but it’s different in a lot of ways and lets you basically go backwards to see your activity over the last 30 days and pick back up a project, website or document that you may have been working on, and then let slide, as it were. It also works on mobile – if you use the Edge browser at home and on your phone.

And with our increasing glut of “notifications” interrupting our workflow more and more, another feature called Focus Assist lets you work in relative peace, depending on how you set it up. Check out all the key details on the latest Windows 10 update.

Your website, Squared

With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the forefront of our online personas these days, the idea of having a website can seem almost… quaint. But the trusty website is still a must-have if you run a business or have a passion project, and now, online payments company Square has reeled in website design company Weebly, clearly with the goal of creating a streamlined e-commerce experience for business users.

A Square official even said as much, saying the pairing opens up the opportunity for businesses to have an “omnichannel,” which essentially means you can now publicize your artisan avocado toast startup and process payments through one company. Square dropped about $365 million on the deal and said they should have things wrapped up soon, so look for those let-us-help-you-build-your-dream- website pushes from Square this summer.

Infinite sequels to come

Getting a whole bunch of really famous movie starts together in a single movie is a Hollywood trope – hey, the more stars, the better, right? – but it’s also perilous when it comes to storytelling, dealing with big paychecks, bigger egos, and actually producing a movie people will pay to see. That said, it looks like Disney/Marvel has pulled it off as the penultimate Avengers movie – Avengers, Infinity War – is actually really good, according to DT film critic Phil Hornshaw.

And it’s been a long time coming: Infinity War is the long-awaited super-mashup of the Marvel Comic Universe that been 10 years and 19 movies in the making. Finally, everyone is together to have it out with Thanos, played by a heavily CGI’d Josh Brolin, who is snapping up all the Infinity Stones like he’s on some cosmic garage-saleing binge or something. Collect the stones and you rule the universe! Or in Thano’s case, you get to wipe out half of all life in the universe.

Despite a runtime closing in on two and half hours, some stars are gonna get short shrift, so there is a sharper focus on some more than others of course. And Starlord meeting Dr. Strange? That bit is almost worth your ticket right there.

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