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Apple hands out new handsets in face of iPhone X FaceID failures

Lots of developers, a lot less sweat

Microsoft’s big annual developers conference, Microsoft Build, is upon us once again, but if you think some crazy new hardware is about to be revealed, you might be disappointed. While Apple often springs new hardware on us at their developer-centric springtime tech fiesta, that’s usually not the case with Microsoft.

There will probably no new surface tablets or $200 Hololens kits, but we do expect CEO Satya Nadella and his team to do some deep dives into the code and software tricks that make those devices work. Attending Microsoft Build isn’t cheap, so it’s normal that the focus of the three-day conference is on actual software development, and not flashy new hardware. But that’s not to say some peeks at devices – or even some ideas for new devices – won’t make the show, because hey, they’re going to need software too.

The first time I ever saw (or didn’t see) your face

Some iPhone X owners have been reporting that they’re experiencing issues with the fancy FaceID system on their halo phones, and it looks like Apple has a quick fix for it: Replace the phone. For free. Apple Insider reports that an odd problem is cropping up on some of the premium handsets: An apparent failure or partial failure of the FaceID system AND a backside camera failure that seems to happen at the same time.

It looks like, for whatever reason, the FaceID system is tied into the telephoto backside camera, and some users are reporting that they are suddenly getting only partial functionality out of the camera, and when that happens, FaceID also no longer works. If you take it into an Apple store, users are reporting that the phones are just outright replaced, not repaired. Which seems like the right thing to do for a wonky phone at that price point.

All the Ks, all the colors

Good news, cinephiles! If you’re a Vudu app user and Apple TV 4K owner, you can now (finally) immerse yourself in 4K HDR goodness with all things Disney – including all the Marvel movies, Star Wars movies and Pixar movies.

They’ve been available in relatively low-definition high definition since forever, but a pricing squabble between Apple and Disney has kept all those mouse house movies at non-HDR HD while they wrestled over the $5 price difference. Looks like Apple has caved: They had said all 4K movies would be the same cost as their HD counterparts – but the Disney movies in 4k UHD will indeed be $25 – not $20 – to purchase. At least you can purchase them at all. 

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