Joshua Sherman

Joshua Sherman

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Joshua Sherman is a contributor for Digital Trends who writes about all things mobile from Apple to Zynga. Josh pulls his knowledge from years of experience using smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, and has had his content featured on other top sites like MakeUseOf. Josh is a student at Vassar College.

T-Mobile adds free in-flight texting, Wi-Fi routers, and more

T-Mobile is back with its latest update of Uncarrier updates and its plan for domination in the U.S. wireless industry. This time there's Wi-Fi unleashed, free in-flight texting and more.

Microsoft reveals three new Lumias with improved camera features

Microsoft has announced its own trio of smartphones at IFA this year, including the Lumia 830, 730 and 735 Dual SIM. These phones all also feature the new Lumia Denim update coming later this year

LG rounds out its smartwatch selection with a circular model to rival Motorola

LG has already launched its G Watch, but another, more circular watch appears to be on the way to our wrists to compete against Motorola's own Motorola 360 smartwatch

Can Coin survive? Project delayed, backers outraged, doubts loom (Updated)

It looks like Coin is in a serious predicament. The e-wallet for your credit cards has delayed its launch, is charging backers for the beta version and has yet to answer important questions about its feasibility.
Cool Tech

Keep those thieves from stealing the wheels off your Schwinn with this Nutlock

Nutlock helps prevent bicycle theft by making it more difficult for thieves to remove your wheels by using a unique key design that rejects wrenches and pliers, but allows you to remove your wheels.

World’s Fastest Camera can take more than 4 trillion photos per second

The iPhone's slow-motion camera records at 120 frames per second, but this new, fast camera, called STAMP, can record at an impressive 4 trillion frames per second, far more than any other camera.

5 ways Sprint can move on after leaving T-Mobile at the altar

Sprint has taken a real beating since the Uncarrier movement took off with T-Mobile, but it's not down and out yet. The company can do a number of things to stay competitive in the months ahead.

How to play Starcraft, Civilization, and other classic games on Android

Ever wanted to play your favorite PC classics on your Android tablet or smartphone? ExaGear Strategies makes it possible to run many of your favorite games including Fallout, Stronghold and Starcraft

FTC singles out T-Mobile over fraudulent charges, John Legere bites back

The FTC is singling out T-Mobile for premium SMS charges on customer's accounts, accusing the carrier of fraud. CEO John Legere, however, won't have it and is biting back against the regulators.

Missed Google I/O? Here are 5 big things you need to know

Google I/O has come and gone, but we have the scoop on all the big news that came out of the three-day conference in California. Google showed off all sorts of new software and hardware for us to soon enjoy.

Android Wear is coming to Google Glass, too

Smartwatches aren't the only devices getting Android Wear. The new standard for wearable information is coming to Google Glass too, alongside the API technology already available for the glass wearable.

iOS 7.1.1 has been jailbroken, exploit stolen from a training class

A jailbreak has been released for iOS 7.1 to the world, but the drama is back just like the one from December after it was taken from Stefan Esser and release to the public without his consent.