Trevor Mogg

Trevor Mogg

Not so many moons ago, Trevor moved from one tea-loving island nation that drives on the left (Britain) to another (Japan). As far as electronics are concerned, he's in the right place, with the East Asian country continuing to produce a plethora of gadgets and gizmos for tech addicts around the world. When not writing for Digital Trends, Trevor can be found out and about taking far too many photos, or in front of his computer trying to sort them all out.

Instagram takes on Snapchat with lightning fast ‘Bolt’ app

Instagram on Tuesday launched Bolt, a standalone Snapchat-like messaging app for iOS and Android. However, there's one catch – for now, you have to be in either New Zealand, South Africa, or Singapore to use it.

Facebook to cut messaging from main mobile app in bid to push Messenger

Facebook will this week kill off messaging in its main mobile app, meaning members who want to continue chatting with friends within Facebook will have to switch to its standalone Messenger app.

Fitbit app comes to Windows Phone 8.1

Fitbit's app for Windows Phone 8.1 has landed, bringing users of Microsoft's mobile platform all the features of the iOS and Android equivalents. Extras include Live Tile support, offering users fast access to their fitness data.

Startup pleads with Instagram not to use ‘Bolt’ name for rumored app

Instagram is rumored to be just days away from launching a new app called Bolt. Trouble is, there's already one out there with the same name. The startup behind communications app Bolt on Monday asked Instagram to rebrand its expected…

Amazon to launch credit card reader to compete with Square, leaked papers suggest

Amazon appears to be getting ready to launch its own credit card reader for mobile payments next month. The device is expected to retail for $10 and offer a payment-on-the-go service similar to Square and PayPal Here.
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Organic power: Nokia charges Lumia 930 with 800 potatoes and apples

It may only come in handy if you happen to be near a grocery store (and you have some copper wire and nails in your bag), but Nokia and artist Caleb Charland still had fun demonstrating how a load of potatoes and apples can be used to…

Lyft finally hits the road in New York City, though not quite in the way it’d hoped

Lyft has finally arrived in New York City, though its service doesn't quite follow the startup's usual peer-to-peer model that allows regular folk with their own cars to offer paid-for lifts to other people.

Oyster ebook service lands on desktop and mobile browsers

'Netflix for novels' ebook service Oyster on Thursday launched a new web reader for desktop and mobile browsers. The company said its aim was to design a reading experience that feels "fast, fluid, and native to the web."
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Google X project aims to define the perfect ‘healthy human’ via in-depth scientific study

The latest project to emerge from the Google X lab centers on health, and is ambitious even by Google's standards. The aim of the long-term study is to collect and process a mass of genetic and molecular data in order to define the perfect…

Instagram (possibly) teases its new photo messaging app, ‘Bolt’

Could Instagram be on the verge of launching a new Snapchat-like messaging app called Bolt? If a banner ad that appeared briefly on the media-sharing app this week is anything to go by, quite possibly.

Uber releases second attempt at Windows Phone app, and this time it’s the real deal

In April last year, Uber launched an app for Windows Phone. However, following complaints that it was simply a webpage in an app wrapper, the startup quickly pulled it. On Wednesday, it rolled out its second attempt.

Minnesota family ordered off Southwest flight after dad posts critical tweet

If you're paying for a service, you expect to be treated well. Accounts of bad experiences often end up on Twitter, though Minnesota resident Duff Watson never expected that his tweet criticizing Southwest Airlines would lead to his removal…