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Our favorite Samsung Gear VR apps might just turn you into ‘that guy’ on the bus

Google Cardboard is the easiest way to experience virtual reality at home right now, but it doesn’t come close to the VR experience provided by the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Samsung’s Gear VR bridges the gap, however. It’s not as powerful as the dedicated headsets — it’s powered by a smartphone, after all — but its cool features and ability to immerse the user are way beyond Cardboard. Plus, it’s a relative bargain, provided you own a Samsung phone.

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If you’re about to put on Samsung’s VR headset, you’ll want to know the best apps available to demonstrate its abilities. Here are our picks of the ones you should download first. Both Samsung and Oculus provide app stores for the Gear VR, and you’ll need to set up an account online with the latter before buying any apps. Once you’re ready, here are the apps we think you should immediately try out.

EVE: Gunjack

This game is a must have for sci-fi and shoot-em-up fans. It’s a real treat in VR right from the amazing opening sequence, to the excitement of blowing up some of the biggest emery starships once you’re engrossed in the game. It’s also set in the Eve game universe, one in which you must control a gun turret and destroy incoming pirate ships.

Controlled using head movements and either the touchpad on the side of the Gear VR or a Bluetooth controller, the real challenge is knowing when to reload and use any special weapons you’ve picked up. It’s great fun, but a little pricey at $15.

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