Angry Birds hits Android this weekend, available now at GetJar


Do you have a hankering to hurl birds at fortresses guarded by green pigs with helmets? Well, you’re not alone. Angry Birds has been the best-selling iPhone game for nearly a year, breaking App Store records and selling more than seven million copies. Now Android users can rejoice: the full version of Angry Birds hits the Android Market this weekend.


Those who can’t wait can actually buy it right now, with a bit of effort. Rovio, publisher of the game, revealed today that GetJar, an indie app store for multiple smartphone platforms, has a 24-hour exclusive on the Android version of the game. The game is already available in the GetJar store.

Those who can wait should check out Angry Birds Lite, a free demo version of the game already available on the Android Market. The demo is fairly lengthy with 14 levels to play through and should give anyone a good idea of what the game is about. We got hooked on the demo a few weeks ago and must say, while difficult, we can’t get enough. The full version of Angry Birds has 120 levels and will set you back $1.99.

Some fun stats:

  • Angry Birds is now used more than 65 million minutes per day on just the iPhone.
  • The game is #1 in 67 countries from the U.S. to Kuwait to New Zealand.
  • Rovio is already releasing merchandise, and is dealing to develop a movie and TV series.

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