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Google I/O 2023


Google I/O is the yearly developer conference and all-around nerd festival, taking place right in Google’s backyard at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California starting May 10. After a couple of virtual-only events, it’s back in person for 2023. Google I/O is a showcase for product updates from all parts of Google, ranging from Search to Android to its smart home and mobile hardware businesses.

Google Pixel Fold in Obsidian side by side with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Z Fold 4: which one is worth $1,800?

How does the new Google Pixel Fold stack up against the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4? As you'll see, there is a lot to consider before making any decision to buy.
Generative AI in Google Search.

Google’s ChatGPT rival just launched in search. Here’s how to try it

A person holding the Pixel 7a.

Best Google Pixel 7a cases: the 12 best ones you can buy

Pixel 7a back.

4 things I love about the Pixel 7a (and 3 things I hate)

Google Pixel 7a back camera

Google Pixel 7a vs. Pixel 7: don’t buy the wrong Pixel

Google Pixel 7a laying on ground

I really like the Pixel 7a, but there’s one big issue I can’t ignore

Google Pixel 7a held in hand in front of Disneyland castle

Google Pixel 7a review: a good Pixel, but a hard sell

An AI image of the Pope in a puffy coat.

Google’s AI image-detection tool feels like it could work

Alan Truly tries Project Gameface while watching Lance Carr.

I turned my face into a game controller, and you can too

The Google Pixel 7a in a person's hand.

Sorry, but you’re all wrong — any Pixel 7 is a great buy

Side view of the Pixel Fold

I’m excited for the Google Pixel Fold, and you should be too

The Google Pixel 7a in Charcoal, Snow, Sea, and Coral colors.

Google Pixel 7a colors: here’s every option you can get

Google Pixel 7a in Snow on a lamp post

Does the Google Pixel 7a have a headphone jack?

The Google Pixel 7a is Google's latest midrange smartphone. Does it include a headphone jack? And what can you do if it doesn't? We have all the answers.
Google Pixel 7a home screen

The best Google Pixel 7a screen protectors: 6 best ones right now

Screen protectors are important accessories for new smartphones, so if you're picking up the new Pixel 7a, you should also grab one of these screen protectors.
Google Pixel 7a in Snow on park bench

Does the Google Pixel 7a have wireless charging?

One of the things that was missing on Google's Pixel 6a was wireless charging. Does the new Google Pixel 7a rectify that?
Google Pixel 7a held in hand showing home screen

Have the Android 14 beta on your Pixel? You need to download this update now

A new version of the Android 14 beta has landed. If you had bug problems with previous builds, you need to download this one now.
The Google Pixel Tablet sitting upright on its charging dock.

The Google Pixel Tablet is here, and it’s a huge disappointment

The Pixel Tablet was supposed to be a blueprint for Android on tablets. But based on what we've now seen, I don't think it's actually done that.
Several images of the new Google Home app on a tan background.

The new Google Home app officially launches on May 11

The long-awaited update is making it easier than ever to control your smart devices with the Google Home app.
The Google Pixel Fold in someone's pocket.

Don’t buy the Google Pixel Fold (yet)

The Pixel Fold is here and it's all very exciting, but don't let that cloud your judgment, as it's worth waiting before you buy one.
A Pixel Fold with water droplets on it.

Is the Google Pixel Fold waterproof? Read this before buying

Water resistance is at the top of many people's must-have lists when shopping for a new phone. Here's how well the Pixel Fold fares when taking a dip.
Android Auto in a car.

You’ll soon be able to watch YouTube videos in your Android Automotive car

Android Automotive is getting better. At Google I/O 2023, Google announced several entertainment-related improvements to the in-car infotainment system.
The Google I/O 2023 logo outside Mountain View.

Everything announced at Google I/O 2023: Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a, and more

Google I/O 2023 has come and gone. From the Pixel Fold to the Pixel 7a (and a load of AI stuff in-between), here are all of the biggest announcements.
Google Pixel 7a vs 6a back design comparison

Thinking about buying the Pixel 7a or Pixel 6a? Read this first

Google has just released the Pixel 7a, but are all the improvements worth the extra money over the Pixel 6a? Let's take a look.
Google Pixel 7a in Snow leaning on garden post

Does the Pixel 7a come with a charger? Here’s what’s in the box

Now that the Pixel 7a is finally here, everyone wants to know what's included in the box when buying the phone. Here's what you need to know.
Google Pixel 7a home screen

Does the Pixel 7a have a 90Hz display? We answer the burning question

The Google Pixel 7a has arrived as a great value option for those who want a Pixel smartphone. But does the display finally have a 90Hz refresh rate?
Google Search Experience gives an overview with links and images.

You don’t have to use Bing – Google Search has AI now, too

Google Search is about to get smarter and more helpful, surfacing details specific to your needs with generative AI to answer Microsoft's Bing Chat.
Dual Screen Interpreter Mode for the Pixel Fold.

The Pixel Fold’s most interesting feature won’t be available at launch

The Dual Screen Interpreter feature Google showed off on the Pixel Fold won't be available at launch, and you'll have to wait for Android 14 to try it.
The main menu screens on the Pixel Watch and the Galaxy Watch 5.

Wear OS 4 is coming to your smartwatch this year — here’s what’s new

Announced today during Google I/O 2023, Wear OS 4 is coming later this year to make your Android smartwatch better than ever.
These are examples of images created with Adobe Firefly.

Google Bard can now create and edit images, courtesy of Adobe

Google and Adobe are partnering to bring Firefly's unique, licensed AI image creation and editing to Google's Bard AI text generator.
The Google Pixel Fold with its main display turned on.

Forget waiting for Google I/O — the Pixel Fold just had a huge leak

Can't wait for Google I/O later today to see the Pixel Fold? Good news! Google accidentally revealed the phone in a YouTube video. Here's what it looks like.
Google Pixel Fold concept image.

Massive Pixel Fold leak reveals every tiny detail about the phone

The Pixel Fold is nearly here, but it seems like we may know everything we need to about the foldable thanks to a major leak.
Alleged renders of the Google Pixel Fold in black.

If this Pixel Fold rumor is true, I might actually buy one

We'll be seeing the Google Pixel Fold soon, and if this one rumor is true, it could be the first foldable I actually buy.
Someone holding the Google Pixel 7a.

It looks like the Pixel 7a will be more expensive than we hoped

The Pixel 7a is shaping up to be one of the year's best smartphone deals ... but now the price is rumored to go up.
The Google Pixel Table and the Speaker Dock seen from the back.

The Google Pixel Tablet just took a big step closer to release

A new piece of information suggests that the Pixel Tablet is finally launching sooner rather than later.