Google Now could monitor your health or park your car

beautiful google now googlenow home

Google Now is Android’s answer to Apple’s Siri service, and with the latest Jelly Bean update reaching our devices worldwide, Google is on a mission to to change how we communicate with our phones and tablets for insights, information, and more. While the service is in its infancy, Google has showed a lot of potential with the”Card” services behind Google Now, allowing customization to the Now experience beyond simply sending voice commands and to include general information relevant to the individual user. One designer in Montreal by the name of Jean-Louis Nguyen has his own ideas for Google Now, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

The designer took the idea of Google Now’s Card system and really showed what potential it has for making our lives more convenient by imagining it a rather long 10 years in the future. In our opinion though, save beautiful google now googlenow carfor the self-driving cars, we can see all of these just a few months, if not a year or two in the making. Centering the entire Card experience on your location and how close (or far) you are from your car, home, or present business, it caters all sorts of content available to help you make decisions or make your life easier. If you’re in the mall, Now will show you a card featuring your Google Wallet information, store hours, WiFi availability and more. If you’re heading home, Now will let you unlock the door, turn on the lights, or check in with the family with the touch of a button. What’s perhaps the most interesting feature is the “Sponsored Cards” Nguyen designed, showing how businesses like Starbucks can make offers, allow you to order before you walk in the door, and demonstrate a beautiful balance in consumer usage and marketing.

Some comments on the Google+ post also made some good points about Google’s new service – such as  asking why Google hasn’t yet offered an API for people to make their own Cards. This gallery, along with comments like these, are just another reason why developers like Google need to keep a close eye on their own customers, as they are at times the best source of advice and insight.

Click here for the full gallery, and feast your eyes on what (we hope) isn’t too far off in the future for us Jelly Bean users.