Dexim LED USB cable lets you charge your devices with illuminating style

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of quirky gadgetry. It wasn’t long ago that we were heaping praise on Japanese design firm Nendo’s quirky line of electronic accessories, and now it looks like another colorful gadget is here to impress us – the Dexim Universal USB Charge and Sync Cable.

Up until now there hasn’t really been anything all too dazzling about USB charging cables. You plug ’em in and they’ll fill whatever device they’re attached to with sweet electrical nectar. But Dexim’s is different. Dexim’s Universal USB Charge and Sync Cable features snazzy blue LEDs, which traces the path of its current connection — visually showing you that your device is being powered.

The entire cable measures a little under 3-feet and comes with a universal USB connector, making it compatible with a host of smartphones and tablets from Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola. While the Universal USB Charge and Sync Cable is not directly compatible with Apple devices, an Apple version does exists as a separate cable ( also pictured).

Currently Dexim’s Universal LED cable is only available by importing it from Sanwa Direct, which after conversion rates will set you back $26 (not including shipping) , but if you are determined to nab one of these luminous LED chargers then follow the link and order one for us while you’re at it.

While Android users might need to import the Universal USB Charge and Sync Cable, online retailer Amazon appears to have the Apple compatible Dexim LED chargers ($17-$35) in either black or white cording. So if you’re simply seeking one specifically for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, then be sure to head over there.