Dumped by Apple, Boyfriend Maker starts relationship with Android users

dumped by apple boyfriend maker starts relationship with android users boyfriendmaker

If you’ve ever attempted to chat with Cleverbot, you know the hilarity conversation with artificial intelligence can produce. That is the entire basis of Boyfriend Maker, a game from 36 You that was recently ditched by the Apple App Store for being a bit too risque for the 4+ rating it received. Not one to wallow over the breakup, Boyfriend Maker rebounded quickly and is now available to download for Android devices.

The game allows users to essentially do what the title insinuates: make your perfect boyfriend. You can buy him new clothes to dress up in, go to various locales, and enjoy dates with your virtual lover. The real fun comes from the conversations, though. Sitting down and talking to the AI of  your portable partner provides some hilarious and occasionally inappropriate dialogue. As with any artificial intelligence, the fun is trying to get it to respond to things and respond this game does. There is a Tumblr that contains some of the best chats that people have had. It’s almost as fun reading them as it is trying to create your own memorable moment. It’s less like the early months of a relationship where you’re always trying to impress your partner and more like a couple years in when you’re just trying to throw one another curveballs to get a response.

You can try out Boyfriend Maker and see just how much you have in common with your digital date. Download it from the Google Play Store for free. For iOS users, you’ll have to wait until a toned down version is submitted to the App Store.