Google Play now has magazine, movie, and TV purchases

Google Play Magazine purchases

During its Google I/O conference today, Google shared a few new stats about Google Play and announced some new features.

As of today, Google Play now lets you purchase movies, TV shows, and magazines. Previously, you could only rent videos. Magazines will be able to be bought issue by issue or you can purchase a subscription to receive new issues. Many top magazines will have a free 14-day trial. For magazines, there is a companion Android Magazines app, which you can find on the store.

Bragging isn’t above Google. Like Apple tends to do, Google rattled off some impressive new stats about its Google Play store, which was originally founded as an app store for Android. Since it launched years ago as the Android Market, the Google Play store has had 20 billion app installs. Today, there are more than 600,000 apps and games on the store and 50 percent of them use in-app billing. 132 countries have 

Finally, app updates should shrink by two thirds in the coming months. When you download app updates, you’ll only have to download the new files that have changed instead of re-downloading the majority of the app over Google Play. This is a developer-centric feature, but should help users with tight data limits. App encryption and new messaging services were also announced.