Hands on with Verizon debut LG Revolution 4G

hands on verizon debuts lg revolution 4g rev

Verizon debuted 10 new 4G devices at its CES press conference today. One of the most interesting was the LG Revolution, the manufacturer’s first LTE device. It’s screen can’t match the Super AMOLED Plus display on the new Samsung 4G phone, but it is comparable to the new HTC Thunderbolt and one of LG’s finest looking touch smartphones and proves the manufacturer is really getting its act together and competing with the best.

The most striking thing about the phone is how well it handles the high speeds of Verizon’s network. We visited several media-rich Websites and the phone didn’t appear to miss a hitch. It currently runs Android 2.2, but will be getting the Android 2.3 update before release. The touchscreen is capacitive and rings in at 4.3 inches (the size of the Droid X screen) and the phone can share its 4G connection and become a mobile hotspot for upt o 8 other Wi-Fi capable devices. It comes with 16GB of internal memory, a micro HDMI connector (like a lot of new phones), a 5MP rear camera, and a front-facing camera as well.

My favorite new feature: the phone has a sensor that will lock the touchscreen when the phone is up to your cheek and you’re talking, again making it possible for me to talk with the phone jammed between my cheek and shoulder without fear of accidentally hanging up.

The LG Revolution will launch in the first half of 2011. No pricing has been announced, but it will likely launch for $200-$300 with a 2-year Verizon contract.

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