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The most common LG G5 problems and how to fix them

While there’s no doubt it’s one of the older phones around now, the most innovative entry from 2016 was LG’s G5. The G5 is a sleek, powerful smartphone with a great camera (for its time) and an exciting modular system that hasn’t been attempted since. Unfortunately, every phone has some issues, and the G5 was no exception. We’ve performed testing, perused forum posts, and gathered a selection of the most commonly reported LG G5 problems in hopes of offering potential workarounds or fixes. You can check them out below.

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Issue: Bootloop

We have seen a handful of reports about the LG G5 getting stuck in a bootloop, where it continually restarts itself. This issue was widely reported for some other LG phones, and it was the subject of a lawsuit that included the LG G5. It does seem to be far less common on the G5 than it was on some of its predecessors, but that’s not much solace if your device is affected.

Possible fixes:

  • Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time until the device resets. This could take 30 seconds or more.
  • Try removing the battery, wait for a few minutes, and then replace it and boot the phone up again.
  • If you have a MicroSD card installed, try removing the battery and the MicroSD card, then replace the battery and boot the phone up again.
  • Your final option is a factory reset with the hardware keys, but if you do this, you’re going to lose any data that’s not backed up. To try it, hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until you see the LG logo, then let go of Power but keep holding Volume Down. You should see the Factory Data Reset option, and you can use Volume Down to highlight Yes and Power to select it. You’ll see Erase All User Data and Restore Default Settings, and you can use Volume Down to highlight Yes and Power to select it again.
  • If the issue persists after a factory reset, then contact LG and ask about a replacement. However, by this time, it’s likely your phone is out of warranty. Why not consider buying a new phone?

Problem: Backlight bleed and blooming

There have been a number of reports of issues with the LG G5 display. Some owners are reporting an unacceptable level of backlight bleed, with bright patches appearing at the edges or corners of the display. There are also some reports that the picture distorts or blooms when people press on the display. These complaints suggest some build quality or quality assurance issues with the first wave of G5 handsets to hit the market. If you want to test the backlight, you can use the free Backlight Bleed Test app.


  • If you find that the backlight bleed or blooming is bothering you, there’s one solid solution — contact LG, your carrier, or your retailer and get a replacement handset.
  • However, with the LG G5 being an older device now, most warranties have long run out. That means asking for a refund or replacement is going to be tough. At this point, buying a new phone may be the best way forward.
    • But if you’re not against tinkering with your phone, then some do-it-yourself methods are available. It’s worth noting that this shouldn’t be your first choice unless you’re confident you know what you’re doing, and keep in mind you could permanently damage your phone. This is very much a last resort, so treat it as such.

Annoyance: Missing app drawer

By default, there’s no application drawer in the LG G5 user interface. Every app gets added to the home screen instead. Some people won’t miss the app drawer, but if you want it back on your LG G5, then you have a couple of options.


  • Go to Settings > Display > Home Screen > Select Home and tap EasyHome. This will bring the app drawer back, but unfortunately, it will also simplify the interface and make your font bigger.
  • A better workaround is to install a third-party launcher. We recommend the Google Now Launcher or Nova Launcher, but there are many more great Android launchers in the Play Store to choose from.


  • Open up the LG SmartWorld app, which should be pre-installed on your LG G5, and search for LG Home 4.0. Download and install it, and you’ll find that you have an app drawer again.
  • LG did eventually release an update that brought the app drawer back. Go to Settings > About Phone > Update Center > App Updates and look for Home & App Drawer.

Issue: Fast charging not working as expected

The LG G5 supports the latest Quick Charge 3.0 standard, but there seems to be a bit of confusion about how it works. It’s designed to charge your phone quickly, taking it from 0 up to 80% in around 30 or 35 minutes. Once you hit 80%, it will charge at a slower rate. You can swipe down the notification shade to see a notification that indicates fast charging is working. If you find that the G5 isn’t charging up as fast as expected, then there are a couple of things to try.

Potential solutions:

  • Don’t use your phone while it’s charging. If you use the LG G5 while it’s charging, then it will significantly slow down the charging speed.
  • Make sure that you’re using a cable and charger that support Quick Charge 3.0. Check out our list of the best fast chargers for more options.

Glitch: Notification LED not always working

A few people have run into a glitch where the notification LED fails to light up for some incoming messages. It might work with the default apps, but not with some third-party messaging apps.


Potential solutions:

  • Go into Settings > Sound > Notification LED to make sure that the feature is toggled on and that you have the right notification types selected.

Problem: Poor battery life

A few people have been complaining about battery life with the LG G5, and weak battery life is something we noted in our LG G5 review. Keep in mind that during the first couple of days with a new phone, the battery will drain fast because it’s downloading and installing apps, and you’re probably using it a lot. If you find that the battery continues to drain rapidly after the first few days, then you may have a problem.


  • The obvious place to start is to turn features off. Pull down the notification shade and turn off anything you don’t need.
  • Go to Settings > Display and toggle Always-on Display off.
  • Reduce your screen brightness. Go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout and turn it down as low as you can stand.
  • Use the power saving modes in Settings > Battery & Power Saving.
  • The LG G5 does have a removable battery, meaning you can always purchase a spare battery and pop it in when you need more power. A second battery will put you back about $40 from LG.

Potential solutions:

  • If you find that your power is draining fast, even when you aren’t using the LG G5, you may have a problem app. Take a look in Settings > Battery & Power Saving > Battery Usage. Is there a specific app guzzling a lot of power? Check out its settings or consider replacing it.
  • Get rid of your cached data by going to Settings > General > Storage. It will take a few seconds to calculate. When it’s done, tap on Cached Data and Yes to clear it.
  • Your final option is to factory reset the LG G5, which will delete all settings and data. Back up your files first. When you’re ready, go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset and tap Reset Phone > Delete All > OK.

Glitch: Phones freezes, is unresponsive

If you find that the LG G5 freezes up frequently and the touchscreen becomes unresponsive, then there are a few different possible causes.

Potential fixes:

  • Try holding down the Power key and select Power Off and Restart. If the screen remains unresponsive, then keep holding down the Power key until the G5 restarts. This might get your G5 working again, but it is unlikely to permanently fix your problem.
  • Make sure that everything is up to date. Go to Settings > General > About Phone > Update Center > Software Update first to make sure the G5 is fully up to date. Next, launch the Play Store and tap the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner to open the menu. Then select My Apps & Games and tap Update All in the top right.
  • Go to Settings > General > Storage & USB and tap on Cached Data, then OK to delete it.
  • Take a look in Settings > General > Memory > Memory used by apps and look for anything that’s using a suspiciously large amount of data. It could be that a problem app is causing your issues, and this is one way that you might be able to identify it. You could also press and hold the Power button, then tap and hold Power Off, and tap Turn On when the Safe Mode box pops up. Test your G5 in safe mode and if the problem is gone, then you know it’s being caused by a third-party app. You can then either uninstall apps one by one and test your phone, or perform a factory reset and install apps selectively.
  • If you want to try a factory reset, make sure everything is backed up and go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.

Issue: AUX or headphone static

A few people have run into an issue with the LG G5 where they hear a loud hissing or static when they plug the phone into a car system via the AUX port. For some people, the same phone works fine with headphones, but others are reporting a similar static issue with headphones. You should try plugging your LG G5 into another car or try a different set of headphones. You can also try a different phone in your car and test another cable to try and narrow down the problem.


  • It’s probably going to be a lot worse if you have your LG G5 plugged in and charging. Test with the G5 unplugged from the power socket.
  • Some people have had temporary success by opening up the Music app and playing the Life’s Good HIFI file and then pausing it and going back to their music or audio source. This will only work if you’re using a service like Spotify, not if you’re playing music stored on the G5.
  • You might consider buying a ground loop noise isolator. You’ll find a bunch of them on Amazon, and they only cost around $10.

Possible fixes:

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that the cable is fully inserted and firmly in place.
  • It might be a compatibility problem of some kind between your device or car and the LG G5. Go to Settings > General > About Phone > Update Center > Software Update and make sure the G5 is fully up to date. You should also check with your car manufacturer about a firmware update for your car system.

Problem: Bluetooth won’t connect or drops connection

There have been several reports about problems getting the LG G5 to connect to Bluetooth accessories and car systems. Some people are having trouble getting connected at all, while others report frequent disconnects or very poor audio quality. These kinds of issues are very common with smartphones.

Possible fixes:

  • Start by making sure you have the pairing instructions correct. You might need to do something to make your Bluetooth accessory discoverable or activate pairing mode.
  • Try deleting old profiles from your Bluetooth car system or accessory. There’s a chance it has reached a limit.
  • Try going to Settings > General > About phone > Update Center > Software Update and make sure your G5 is fully up to date.
  • Check with your manufacturer for a firmware update for your Bluetooth car system or accessory.
  • Take a look under Settings > General > Smart Settings and make sure none of your profiles are interfering.
  • Go to Settings > Networks > Bluetooth and delete any problem profiles, then set up a fresh connection.
  • You can also try wiping all your network settings in Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Network Settings Reset, but it will mean setting up profiles and your Wi-Fi again.
  • You could try a factory reset as a final resort. Make sure everything is backed up and go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.
  • If problems persist after a factory reset, then it’s time to contact LG, your carrier, or your retailer to get a replacement handset.

Glitch: GPS not working

Some LG G5 owners have been struggling to get their GPS working properly. It may fail to find a fix or take a long time, and it might drop the connection frequently or fail to update. GPS is going to struggle in some areas and indoors, but when you’re out and about, you should definitely be able to get a signal. Test with another device, if possible, to make sure the fault is with your G5.

Potential fixes:

  • To begin with, try pulling down the notification shade and swipe along to find Airplane Mode. Turn it on and then off again. Now test your GPS.
  • If you have a case on your LG G5, then take it off and see if your GPS works any better.
  • Take a look in Settings > General > Location > Mode and make sure that High Sccuracy (GPS and Networks) is on. If it is, you might want to test Device Sensors Only (GPS Only) to see if it makes any difference.
  • Try installing the free GPS Status & Toolbox app. It will give you more information and you can use it to update your A-GPS data.
  • Take a close look at the settings of any app you have installed that uses the GPS function.

Issue: Overheating

We’ve seen a lot of complaints about the LG G5 overheating, or at least getting very warm. If this happened when you were first setting up your G5 or within the first couple of days, we’d suggest waiting to see if you have a genuine problem. All smartphones heat up a lot, especially when you’re first getting used to them and using them a lot. If your G5 continues to heat up without any apparent reason beyond the first few days, then you may have a problem to investigate.

Potential fixes:

  • Start by wiping your cache partition by going to Settings > General > Storage & USB and tapping on Cached Data, then OK.
  • There’s a pretty strong chance that an app is causing your issue, and you can confirm this by pressing and holding your Power button and then tapping and holding on Power Off. A Safe Mode pop-up will appear and you can tap Turn On to test the G5 without third-party apps running. If the overheating issue is gone, then you know an app is responsible. It’s time to selectively uninstall and retest apps one at a time — or factory reset and install apps one at a time.
  • To try a factory reset, make sure you’ve backed up your phone and go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset. Remember not to restore your apps all at once. Install them one at a time and watch out for a recurrence of the overheating.
  • If you’ve had the G5 for more than a week and the problem persists after a factory reset, then it’s time to contact LG, your carrier, or your retailer. Otherwise, it might be worth updating to a new phone.

Issue: Proximity sensor not working

Some LG G5 owners have run into issues with the smartphone’s proximity sensor, which has led to situations where they can’t use the phone while on a call, or the display will remain off after ending a call.

Potential solutions:

  • Consider changing your screen protector, or not using one at all. Most reports have pointed out that screen protectors made of tempered glass are the reason behind the issue, as they cover the sensor.
  • Download an app like AIDA64, which you can use to see if there’s a problem with the actual sensor. Under the Sensors section, look for Proximity Sensor. Hold your hand over the phone’s sensor, and the app should display different values representing how far/close your hand is.
  • Recalibrate the sensor. You can do this by dialing “*#546368#*[phone’s model number]#” and going to Device Test > SAAT > Service Menu Manual Test > Key Press Test > Cal Start.
  • If the problem persists after trying the recommendations above, you may need to contact LG, your carrier, or your retailer to get a new device.

Problem: Fingerprint scanner not working

There have been a few reports about people being unable to use the fingerprint scanner to unlock their screens. Certain cases have been said to interfere with the feature, such as ones from Spigen and VRS Design.

Potential solutions:

  • Look into getting another case that won’t affect the fingerprint scanner.
  • Delete your current fingerprint scans and add new ones. First, clean the scanner and the area around it to reduce the chance of getting a bad scan or failed attempt. Tap Settings > General Column > Fingerprints & Security > Fingerprints > Enter Pin > Add Fingerprint. Consider adding new prints while the case is still on, so that your phone can learn which positions your fingers will be in when using the phone with a case.
  • If the problem continues, it could be a hardware issue that you’re unable to fix on your own. Get in contact with LG, your carrier, or a retailer to ask about a replacement device.

Problem: Camera not working

A few people have found that after using the LG G5’s camera for an unspecified amount of time, or after an update, it may suddenly issue a “Warning: Camera Failed” message or something similar. Following this, the camera will fail to work.

Potential solutions:

  • Go to Settings > Application Manager > Camera App. Then, select Force Stop > Clear Data > Clear Cache.
  • Wipe Cache Partition. Drag down the notification bar. Go to Settings > General > Storage > Cached Data and, when prompted, tap Yes. After the cache is clear, little or no data will be shown.
  • Restart your LG G5. Press and hold the power button for several seconds until the phone restarts. Alternatively, remove and then reinsert the battery.
  • Restore your device to its factory settings. First you need to back up your data. To do that, drag down the notification bar, then go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Back Up My Data. If you haven’t created a Google backup account yet, you can do so by tapping Backup Account and following the onscreen instruction. To restore using a backup, follow these instructions from Verizon. To perform the factory reset, go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.
  • If you continue to have camera problems after trying the aforementioned recommendations, contact LG, your carrier, or a retailer to ask about a replacement phone.

Problem: Can’t connect to Internet

Many LG G5 owners have reportedly been unable to get a Wi-Fi connection, which is a fairly common problem with today’s smartphones. When they do connect to the network, the connection is also slow or eventually drops.

Potential solutions:

  • Go to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi, then choose your current connection and tap Forget to remove the connection. Re-add it to see if the connection’s performance has improved.
  • Reset Network Settings. Go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Network Settings Reset. Doing this means you’ll have to set up profiles again, in addition to your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Make sure your device is up to date (current version VS98712A) by going to Settings > General > About phone > Update Center > Software Update > Check now for update.
  • Reset your router and/or modem.

Problem: Unable to send or receive text messages

If you find yourself unable to send text messages to a contact, or unable to receive messages, you are not alone. There are a few things you can try to rectify the situation.

Potential solution:

  • Make sure Airplane Mode isn’t enabled. Press and hold the power button, then choose Turn On/Off Airplane mode when the option appears.
  • It’s entirely possible that your device’s memory is full, preventing you from receiving text messages, especially those that contain photos or videos. Delete some applications that you’re no longer using — or messages you no longer need — to free up some space.
  • Perform a soft reset by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds, or until your phone restarts. Alternatively, remove and then re-insert the battery.
  • Remove and re-insert the SIM card — just be sure to turn your device off first.
  • If your last smartphone was an iPhone and you kept the same number, you may need to unregister from iMessage.
  • If the problem continues, contact LG, your carrier, or a retailer to ask about a replacement phone.
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