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The best fast chargers for your smartphone in 2022

Fast charging is ideal when you need to power up your iPhone or Android smartphone, and these days, with modern fast chargers, there’s no need to wait around. But what exactly is a fast charger? Most major flagship phones on the market offer fast charging, which boosts the wattage of your smartphone’s battery. A standard USB port sends 5W to a connected device, so fast chargers raise the amount. Modern devices typically offer 15W power bricks while some manufacturers have 50W, 80W, and 100W chargers. The fast chargers on our list include a range of compact options to cover almost any need, including international travel.

Nekteck 60W USB-C Wall Charger

Nekteck 60W USB C Wall Charger

The NekTeck, with advanced GaN Technology, dramatically improves charging efficiency to over 90% to fully charge a 13-inch Macbook Pro in 1.8 hours, an iPhone 11 in 1.75 hours, and a Google Pixel 3 in two hours via its Power Delivery 3.0 standard. GaN technology (Navitas Gallium Nitride) also improves charging efficiency while reducing the charger’s size to 50% smaller than the standard 60w charger, making it ideal for travel. The NekTeck is compatible with most USB-C devices, like phones, tablets, and laptops. It supports fast charging for iPhones with the original Apple USB-C to Lightning cable. This charger is USB-IF, FCC, and ETL certified with built-in safeguards to protect against over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, and over-heating.

Anker Nano Charger PIQ 3.0 Durable Compact Fast Charger

Anker Nano Charger

Designed for the iPhone, the Anker Nano provides the maximum charge to iPhone 12 and previous models up to three times faster than with an Apple’s original 5W charger. At 50% smaller than a standard iPhone 12 USB-C charger, Anker Nano provides plenty of power while saving space in your bag or plugged into a wall outlet. It’s compatible with the iPhone 8 and above, the iPad Pro and Mini first and second generations or newer, AirPods, Apple Watch, Galaxy S8 and above, and many more popular devices.

RAVPower 30W 2-Port Fast Charger

RAVPower 30W 2-Port Fast Charger

The RavPower is equipped with a USB-C Power Delivery port, and loaded with 18W of output power to charge up the latest iPhones from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes Its 2.8-ounce body is compact and pocket-friendly, making the device easy to tote anywhere you go. With a USB-C PD 18W 3.0 port and a 12W USB-A port, the device will charge two devices simultaneously, offering fast charging for all your mobile devices. It’s compatible with the latest iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, AirPods, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Nintendo Switch. Multi-charging protection keeps your device safe from over-voltage, over-heating, and short-circuiting.

Spigen 40W Dual USB-C Wall Charger

Spigen 40W Dual USB C Wall Charger

The Spigen 40W Dual USB-C Wall Charger is a USB C PD charging port featuring up to 30W of Power Delivery output with a single USB-C port loaded and a 40W max (20W for each port) with both ports operational. The Spigen works with mobile phones or laptop, as its 30W output is compatible with various MacBooks, iPads, and other USB-C devices. Its 20W output enables the fastest charging speed for iPhones and AirPods. Its Navitas Gallium Nitride (GaN) chipset allows the charger to operate with higher efficiency and generate less heat than other chargers. This device ensures safety by managing a 15-point safety standard and reducing heat dissipation.

OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System

Wireless charging is quickly rising in popularity, offering efficiency and reliability to restoring battery life. With an output of 36W, this USB-C charger lets you enjoy simultaneous charging for multiple devices anywhere you are. The OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System features a fast-charging bottom base, where you can stack a completely wireless satellite charger. Once they’re all charged up, they serve as 10W wireless charging packs for your various locations. There’s one satellite charger in the package. Still, if you need a few more, you can use the base to charge a maximum of three chargers at the same time.

Griffin PowerBlock Charger

Because of its compact size, the Griffin PowerBlock Charger can easily slip into a bag or pocket to deliver 18W of power, which is enough to charge recent Apple iPhone or Google Pixel phones at top speed. There’s just a single USB-C port and the wall outlet prongs fold out of the other side. The USB-C port supports the Power Delivery standard. All you need is a USB-C to USB-C cable or a USB-C to Lightning cable to plug in and charge away. There is some smart circuitry inside that will determine the best rate to charge your smartphone or any other connected device. The Griffin PowerBlock Charger is ideal for travel and will also charge tablets and other small USB-C gadgets.

Fuse Chicken Universal

Fuse Chicken Universal may be for you if you require more than one USB-C port for charging worldwide. It maxes out at 18W, which gives it the ability to quickly charge a Google Pixel 3, an iPhone, or a Moto G7, but it can’t fast charge every single phone out there. The advantages include fold-out prongs and a convenient USB-C port alongside a USB-A port with an internal battery rated at 6,700mAh. The Fuse Chicken Universal can also serve as a wireless charging pad that can fast charge a Pixel or an iPhone up to 10W without a wire connection. It’s accompanied by replaceable plug heads for the U.K., Europe, the U.S., and Australia

Fast-charging standards

Most fast chargers raise charging speeds by increasing adapter voltage. USB Power Delivery or USB-PD has a maximum output of 100W and is used for a wide array of devices, including most mobile phones. Qualcomm is the most widely used chipset for high-end Android devices, and the latest processors are compatible with the proprietary Quick Charge standard. The newest Quick Charge 4+ has a maximum power output of 100W, while Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging is used for the company’s Galaxy smartphones. Samsung has a maximum power output of 18W and automatically adapts charging speeds to preserve your battery. OnePlus uses the proprietary Warp Charging standard, which charges its devices up to 30W. Manufacturers that don’t have their own charging technology use USB-PD or Qualcomm Quick Charge. Companies like Apple, LG, Samsung, and Google also use these standards for their phones.

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