Has the HTC Desire HD’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update been canceled?

HTC Desire HDWhen HTC first confirmed the devices it would be updating to Android 4.0, the aging Desire HD sat proudly among those listed, but information from Canadian network Telus indicates testing problems have seen the update canceled.

A document confirming when the network expects similar updates to be made available on other devices, says the Desire HD’s Android 4.0 software hit problems during tests, and that “poor performance” has been blamed for its cancellation.

The Desire HD is a competent Android smartphone, with a single-core 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and a very healthy 768MB of RAM, which is equal to several other phones on the list, plus others that currently run Android 4.0, such as the HTC One V and the Desire C.

It’s not clear whether the Desire HD’s Android 4.0 update has been canceled everywhere, or if it’s only Telus customers who will be affected. HTC still lists the Desire HD as receiving Android 4.0 sometime during this month or next.

History repeats itself

Around this time last year, HTC struggled to apply Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the original Desire, resulting in an outcry from owners, and HTC eventually released a developer-style, cut down version to appease them. The problems arose from the phone not having sufficient memory for Gingerbread and Sense to work together, and several apps had to be removed to make the downloadable update work.

It could be the same story with the Desire HD. Android 4.0 updates are all accompanied by HTC Sense 3.6, which is a cut down version of Sense 4.0 found on HTC’s most recent smartphones. The Desire HD is also the oldest handset on HTC’s ICS update list, dating back to 2010.

If Android 4.0 won’t be reaching the Desire HD, then judging by the comments left on the company’s official blog and its Facebook page, it faces a similar public reaction this time around too.

We’ve contacted HTC for comment, and will update here accordingly.