HTC myTouch 4G Slide to be released on July 27

T-Mobile myTouch 4G SlideT-Mobile already announced that the myTouch 4G Slide would be released sometime in July, but the cell phone provider barely made that original prediction’s timeframe. Today T-Mobile’s official Facebook page announced the exact date of highly anticipated new QWERTY slider to be July 27.

The most exciting part of the myTouch 4G Slide would have to be its camera, which T-Mobile claims to be the most advanced cell phone camera on the market. We are sure that Nokia would beg to differ, with it’s N8 housing a 12-megapixel shooter. The real advancement with the myTouch 4G Slide’s camera is how it processes images — including built-in filters that mimic the effects of software like Instagram — and not in the actual camera hardware.

The myTouch 4G Slide will also ship with a modified version of HTC’s Sense 3.0, which may or may not be a good thing. We loved Sense 3.0 on the HTC Sensation, so only time will tell if modifying it might backfire for HTC and T-Mobile. As far as hardware goes, the myTouch 4G Slide has a sliding, four-row physical QWERTY keyboard, one of the few high-end Android devices to offer one. The dual-core processor is the same brain that powers the HTC Sensation and the EVO 3D.

We find it odd that HTC is only using the new advanced camera software on this handset, and not on any of their other recently released phones. The EVO 3D already has a camera gimmick with it’s 3D picture and video, but that leaves the Sensation as the lone phone without a real eye-catching feature.

See some of the myTouch 4g slide’s camera features in the official video below.