Ignite your Kindle Fire’s true potential with Grace Digital’s Matchstick speaker dock

Ignite your Kindle Fire's true potential with Grace Digital's Matchstick speaker dock

It’s no secret that Apple devices get an overwhelming amount of attention and support when it comes to speaker docks and accessories. And if you’re (gasp!) one of the many that don’t own one or aren’t too keen on Apple products to begin with then finding solutions for all your accessory needs can be tough. That’s about to change though. Well, at least for Kindle Fire users.

Grace Digital has just announced Matchstick, a speaker dock system made specifically for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Matchstick allows users to make full use of the Kindle Fire’s suite of multimedia apps and experience greater levels of audio fidelity and convenience.

Features include built-in stereo speakers, a rotating cradle — sized exclusively for the 7-inch tablet — allowing for viewing from horizontal and vertical angles, a remote control, and power adapter. User on the go can keep the Kindle Fire burning with a 7.4-volt lithium-ion battery pack (sold separately) or plug the Matchstick into a dedicated AC power port. There is even a secondary rear panel aux port for other input types, making the Matchstick compatible with the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and iPad.

The Matchstick  is available on Amazon.com with a retail price of $130.