LG sells 10 million L Series Android phones, says they’re for dedicated followers of fashion

LG L Series 10 MillionAnything arch-rival Samsung can do, LG can do as well, and this week it can tick send self-congratulatory press release off its to-do list, complete with a picture of smiley people celebrating, something it has done to announce a total of 10 million L Series phone sales. LG first launched its L Series phones during Mobile World Congress in February, and has since added a top-of-the-range model in the shape of the Optimus L9.

While Samsung has told us it has sold five million Galaxy Note 2 smartphone/tablet hybrids, and more than 30 million Galaxy S3 phones, LG is giving us its total for a collection of four different devices. The L Series range consists of the basic Optimus L3, the Optimus L5, the Optimus L7 and the aforementioned Optimus L9. They’re promoted as fashionable alternatives to the sea of identikit Android phones available, a point LG pushes right at the start of its press blurb, saying the 10 million sales prove “many consumers want attractive smartphones with distinctive – not ‘me too’ – styling.”

LG’s CEO adds, “This milestone demonstrates the importance of delivering smartphones with stylish design, comparative size of display and enhanced UX features.” LG made plenty of noise about its updated Optimus UI 3.0 user interface when it was released back in May, which was placed over the top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and can be found on the Optimus L9, while a slightly cut down version exists on the Optimus L7.

Eight figure sales of any smartphone is impressive, but we’d have liked to see a breakdown of which L Series handset has proven most popular too. LG has traditionally sold well in the U.S., with ComScore recently putting them second to Samsung in its charts with an 18-percent market share, however the company didn’t even make it into the top five on IDC’s global market share list.

With the L Series one year anniversary fast approaching, perhaps MWC 2013 will provide the stage for any sequels LG may have in the works.