Is Nikon’s Android-based Coolpix S800 camera coming in August?

Nikon OfficesIn the wake of Nikon announcing the new J2 and Coolpix L610 cameras, a rumor has emerged that the company may be considering something a little different for its next Coolpix model — a Google Android operating system.

Details of the Coolpix S800c appeared on Indonesia’s electronics regulator’s website right at the end of last month, and has since published a set of possible features for the camera.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is expected to run the show, and complete access to the Google Play store will be provided, so the only restriction on the apps able to be downloaded will be down to the device itself.

With no data connection of its own, the Coolpix S800c will have built-in Wi-Fi, plus GPS for geo-tagging your photos. A 3.5-inch OLED screen will be your window into Android’s world, and the camera will likely be equipped with a 25-250mm lens.

Cameras that use Android are a tempting proposition, but all we’ve really seen so far are unusual camera/phone hybrids such as the Polaroid SC1630, which can’t decide whether it’s one thing or the other, much like Nokia’s 808 PureView.

According to the leaked spec, the Coolpix S800c only has Wi-Fi connectivity, making it a camera first and an Android device second. This sounds like the right approach, as there are many great Android camera phones, but so far no great Android cameras.

But for Android to make sense on a camera, it needs to be utilized correctly. If Nikon can develop its own interesting apps — meaning something other than adding filters — or attract developers to do the same, consumers will see a reason for its existence, and not simply as another way to play Angry Birds.

The report concludes with an estimated announcement date of August 22, which is just a few weeks away and if true, would see Nikon get a head start over Samsung and Panasonic, both of whom have been rumored to be toying with the idea of an Android-based camera.

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