Nook is best-selling item in Barnes & Noble’s history

barnes noble starts shipping nookcolor nook color  nov 2010

Following on the heels of triumphant sales announcements from the likes of Amazon and Kobo, bookseller Barnes & Noble has declared its Nook ereader is the “biggest bestseller” in the company’s history. Barnes & Nobile says its latest LCD-based Nookcolor tablet was the company’s top-selling gift of the holiday season—a good sign, since the device launched just eight weeks ago—and the company now sells more digital books via its Web site than physical books.

“Nookcolor became the gift of choice over the holidays for people who love to read everything—books, magazines, newspapers, children’s books and more—in rich, beautiful color,” said Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch, in a statement.

Like Amazon and Kobo, Barnes & Noble has not specified exactly how many of those Nook readers it has sold; however, the company did announce it almost a million Nook titles were sold and downloaded on Christmas Day alone. Top-selling titles included James Patterson’s Cross Fire, Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, John Grisham’s The Confession, and George W. Bush’s Decision Points memoir. announced it had reached a “tipping point” back in July by selling more electronic books than hardcover books.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook ereader line is distinguished by having reader based on both monochromatic E-ink displays and color LCD displays; E-Ink based readers sport long battery life, while the LCD-based Nookcolor (of course) puts everything in color. Nook readers run Google’s Android operating system, but aren’t set up to enable users to download and install their own applications. Barnes & Noble also has Nook applications for Android and iOS devices.

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