Pictures of the Droid 4 leak out

Droid 4 leaked imageIs there anything more fun than seeing a picture of a yet unannounced cell phone? We don’t think so, which is why we are so excited about the freshly leaked picture of what is being called the Droid 4. Droid-Life not only was able to get a few pictures, but also some presumed specs, which we will of course take with a grain of salt.

The Droid 4 has gone through what looks to be a complete makeover, and it will not look like its older siblings. First you will see that the corners of the device are missing, much like the Photon or more recently the Droid RAZR. The famous Droid “chin” has also been removed, which is a design choice we can fully support. This will be the first Droid to have a screen the same size as the keyboard underneath. Like the Droid 3 the Droid 4 will have a full five row QWERTY keyboard, and it looks pretty great in the picture.

The big rumor with this phone is if it will be an 4G LTE device. That was one of our biggest issues with the Droid 3, so we sure hope that Motorola has upgraded the antenna in this Droid. We would like to think that whenever the next Droid phone is released that it will have LTE.

With that being said we have to wonder when is this phone going to come to market. The device in the pictures does not look like an early prototype, it looks like it is ready for production. We can see that there is already some Verizon bloatwear on the device, and there is even a tutorial sticker on the screen. The Droid 3 was launched in July, and it is a little hard to imagine Motorola releasing the Droid 4 so close to the last generation. That being said why would it wait to release what looks to be an amazing phone?

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