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Fitbit leak reveals the upcoming Sense 2, Inspire 3, and Versa 4

Fitbit has a busy slate of fitness wearables lined up for debut, but they have all been unceremoniously leaked, giving us a clear look at their design and color options. Tipster @OnLeaks (via 91Mobiles) has shared official-looking product renders of the Fitbit Versa 4 and the Sense 2 smartwatches. Tagging along the premium smartwatches is the Fitbit Inspire 3 fitness band.

The report doesn’t discuss a tentative launch date, but it likely isn’t too far off. The current-gen Fitbit wearables in the Versa, Sense, and Inspire lineup broke cover in August last year. If Fitbit aims to stick with a yearly refresh cycle — and given the opportune time of the latest leaks — the Sense 2, Versa 4, and Inspire 4 should be hitting the shelves in the coming weeks.

Leaked render of Fitbit Sense 2's main assembly
Leaked render of the Fitbit Sense 2. 91Mobiles

Let’s talk about the design changes expected. The second-generation Sense has a cleaner chassis design that now has an actual physical button to provide clicky feedback instead of an inductive solid-state sensor that acted as the home button on the first-gen Sense smartwatch. A few users found the inductive button system to be less reliable, difficult to reach, and overall a bit frustrating.

Another notable change is that the metallic ring around the screen on the original Sense, which actually hid the ECG sensor, has also been dropped. Instead, the Sense 2 appears to have hidden it beneath the bezel, while the surrounding frame is now a single, bulging metallic piece. It looks a lot cleaner and overall more comfortable.

Leaked render of Fitbit Sense 2
Fitbit Sense is said to arrive in three color options. 91Mobiles

The overall pebble-shaped profile is here to stay, which is not a bad thing in a world where round and rectangular smartwatches dominate the game. From the leaked renders, it appears that Fitbit will be offering the Sense in a trio of colors — an all-black trim, a graphite case option with a beige strap, and a gold case model matched to a light blue strap.

Not much is known about any new standout features on the second-gen Sense smartwatch, but the usual capabilities like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, stress management, and menstrual health tracking are here to stay. On the specifications side of things, expect one of Qualcomm’s new wearable chips alongside an OLED display, an IP68-certified build, and support for a ton of strap options.

Leaked render of Fitbit Versa 4
This is what the Fitbit Versa 4 looks like. 91Mobiles

Moving over to the Fitbit Versa 4, it follows in the footsteps of the Sense with a similar design language and two color options — Graphite and Rose. Compared to Sense 2, it will make a few cut cutbacks such as ditching the electrocardiogram trick to keep the price in check. But if the Versa 3 is any indication, you can still expect a robust set of fitness-centric features without nuking your wallet.

And finally, we have the upcoming Fitbit Inspire 3 band. It tweaks the disconnected look on the Inspire 2 in favor of a more seamless look without any moving gaps at the case-strap connection point. However, the biggest change is an upgrade to the display.

Leaked render of Fitbit Inspire 3
The Fitbit Inspire 3 band looks quite appealing with its fresh design and peppy color scheme. 91Mobiles

Compared to the black-and-white screen we got on the Inspire 2, its successor is embracing a color display. However, there is no word if it is going to be a touchscreen panel. The next fitness band from Fitbit will be offered in a trio of colors — black, pink, and yellow. We don’t have any information about the pricing or market availability, but an official release is just around the corner.

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