Rumors show the Elite, Fireball and a 4G LTE Windows Phone coming from HTC in 2012

HTC Fireball 4GAs CES and Mobile World Congress both draw closer, so the first leaks and hints of new devices set to be unveiled there start to appear. In previous years HTC has been prolific at both events, launching a wide variety of phones for both the US, and the international market.

According to Boy Genius Report however, this year HTC won’t be releasing the slew of new products we’ve come to expect, and its first quarter of 2012 may include just a handful of new smartphone announcements. Don’t be too disheartened though, as if the site’s source is correct, the phones they’ve got in store for us will make up for the lack of quantity with high quality, a trade-off of which we’re in favor.

Excitingly, their line-up could include the first 4G LTE Windows Phone handset, a device said to share the HTC Titan’s monstrous feature list. If so, expect a 4.7-inch touchscreen, a 1.5Ghz processor and an 8-megapixel camera. A tentative February 5 release date suggests an unveiling at CES.

On the Android side of the fence will be the HTC Elite, a phone running Ice Cream Sandwich with Beats by Dr. Dre audio technology. With an April release on AT&T being rumored, this could be one for MWC 2012 in February.

The Elite name isn’t final though, and BGR say it could change to the HTC Congressional by the time it hits the stores. HTC has obviously lost its dictionary of superlatives, but quite why it settled on such a serious alternative to something like the HTC Astonishing isn’t clear. Could it be a business-focused device, with new features suited to meetings and conferences? If not, why the decidedly odd choice of Congressional?

Finally, there’s the HTC Fireball.  Mysteriously appearing in some Verizon documentation, right now there are no additional details aside from it featuring a 4G radio to go on. Droid-Life speculates that based on its ADR6410L model number, it’ll fit in the range somewhere in-between the Rezound and the Thunderbolt.

The 2012 International CES begins on January 10, and Mobile World Congress on February 27.

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