Samsung’s new Galaxy Premier is our idea of a Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy PremierSamsung has exorcised the ghost of the Galaxy Nexus, which has been replaced by the Nexus 4 this week, with the announcement of the Galaxy Premier. The new device takes on the look of the Galaxy S3, while subtly updating the Galaxy Nexus’ already fine specification.

Showing Samsung wants to make the most of its carefully crafted, patent-friendly design, this is the second new Galaxy phone to be re-imagined using the S3’s “natural” shape as a template, after the much-anticipated but quickly forgotten Galaxy S3 Mini, a phone that many hoped would be considerably more exciting.

Bearing the model number i9260 (just a short jump from the Galaxy Nexus’ i9250), the Galaxy Premier has a 4.65-inch touchscreen with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, and displays Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface over the top. The majority of the S3’s special software features, such as S Voice, Smart Stay and Pop-Up Play are included too.

The processor running the show is a 1.5GHz, dual-core TI OMAP 4470, which is a newer, faster version of the chip inside the Galaxy Nexus, assisted by 1GB of RAM. There will be two versions for sale, one with 8GB and the other with 16GB of internal memory, plus the phone has a microSD card slot to increase this by 64GB. Take that, Nexus 4. That’s not the only advantage either, as the Galaxy Premier will have 4G LTE connectivity, putting it another step ahead of the new Nexus.

International release

Like the Galaxy S3, the Premier’s main camera has 8-megapixels and can shoot 1080p video, while the secondary lens has 1.9-megapixels and is mounted above the screen. There’s also the usual array of features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0, while the same 2100mAh battery that’s used in the Galaxy S3 will provide the energy, making it slightly larger than the one found in the Galaxy Nexus.

All this leaves us with two questions: When and how much. Sadly, Samsung hasn’t be very forthcoming about the Premier’s international release, with the phone only appearing on its Ukrainian website, where it says the phone will also be released in Russia in November, along with Asia, China and Korea in December. It probably won’t be able to match the Nexus 4’s price though, as it currently stands at around $680.

It’ll be a shame if the Premier doesn’t make it to the USA, the UK and other parts of Europe, as it’s more what we had in mind for a mini Galaxy S3 than the um, Galaxy S3 Mini.