Samsung unveils the Android Galaxy Camera

samsung unveils the android galaxy camera

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The Samsung Galaxy Camera combines smartphone and high quality camera features into one device. The aim is to allow you to easily and instantly share high quality images. It is packed with interesting features to help amateurs capture great photos.

When it comes to specs we’re talking about a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor and support for 21x optical super long zoom. It runs the latest Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and it has support for 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD touchscreen.

The Smart Pro Mode is about enabling you to capture great photos without having to fiddle with a lot of settings. There’s the Waterfall Trace Mode which creates a watercolor painting effect and Light Trace mode for night shots, along with many more. Voice control mode allows you to zoom in and out, set the timer, and take shots with voice commands. The camera is also capable of capturing full HD video and it has a slow motion feature which captures footage at 120 frames per second.

A lot of the emphasis for the device is on being able to share easily so there’s a Share Widget which combines your social media streams and allows you share photos wherever you like. There’s also an Auto Cloud Back-up feature and Share Shot which allows you to share photos in real-time with other capable devices across Wi-Fi.

Finally, there’s the Smart Contents Manager which allows you to organize photos, create folders, and easily search through them with time and location stamps. You can check out various views including timeline, location view, spiral, and you can preview photos before opening them. 

No word on pricing or release dates yet, but we will keep you posted.