Survey: Android users most likely to engage in hanky-panky on first date

survey android users most likely to engage in hanky panky on first date smartphone loveIt may not be the kind of burning issue that keeps you awake at night, but the findings of a recent survey carried out by dating website may raise a smile nevertheless.

The survey looked at the dating habits of Canadians and how they corresponded with the type of smartphone they own.

The results showed that Android owners were more likely to have sex on a first date compared to owners of Apple’s iPhone or those with BlackBerry devices. A one-night stand was also more likely to happen among owners of Android devices, the survey found.

As for office romances, such shenanigans were most likely among iPhone owners, with almost 25 percent of iPhone users having had such a romance in the last five years.

Owners of Apple’s smartphone were also found to be quicker off the mark with getting in touch following a dalliance, with iPhone users more likely to call or text the following day, while BlackBerry and Android users would most likely play it cool and wait a few days.

Speaking to about the findings, Toronto-based psychotherapist and spokesperson Kimberley Moffit said it could be that iPhone users get in touch more quickly because they’re often younger and more familiar with tech. “If they are in the younger demographic they might be more comfortable with technology and more likely to put themselves out there via text message,” she suggested.

Moffit described owners of Android devices as being “a little more racey” when compared to owners of other types of phone.’s research discovered that 62 percent of Android users have ended up in bed on the very first date, while 55 percent have had a one-night stand.

So what of BlackBerry users? Funnily enough, the results appear to suggest they’re more likely to be found boozing than engaging in a bit of hanky-panky. According to the survey, BlackBerry owners are most likely to drink alcohol on a first date (72 percent). Moffit puts this down to the idea that many owners of BlackBerry devices work in stressful, business-related jobs.

The results of the survey could mean that the age-old chat-up line “do you come here often?” will finally be laid to rest and replaced with “so, what kind of smartphone device do you own?”

[Image: Adrian Niederh / Shutterstock]


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