Tetris is free today in the Amazon App Store

tetris is free today in the amazon app store

Pieces of a puzzle rarely come together at the right time. If you’re a fan of the old school block-dropping masterpiece of Tetris but you’ve been holding out on buying it, today is like getting the long, thin “I” block just in time to eliminate four full rows. The classic game is free in the Amazon App Store.

The block-spinning puzzler that took the gaming world by storm back in the 1980’s has been given a new home on Android by publisher Electronic Arts. The grandfather of tile-turners normally runs gamers $3, but that price has been slashed for today. Gamers can get back to their roots on Android devices for the low, low cost of free.

Amazon’s price cutting is part of a series that makes one normally paid purchase free every day. Today’s just happens to be a flashback to one of the most memorable releases in gaming history. The deal is available to U.S. and European consumers that have access to the Amazon App Store.