Viddy gets Facebook Timeline app status – and the Android app is next

ViddyToday video filter and sharing app Viddy is announcing its Timeline app. Viddy is the latest to be integrated into Facebook’s Open Graph, and the application will now be part of the select Timeline apps and its content will show up on the Timeline, News Feed, and Ticker.

Creator JJ Aguhob tells us its new Timeline status comes as the result of “mutual relationships.” Facebook’s been vague about the process of how an app becomes an official Timeline app and the distinctions there, and it sounds like it’s largely a situation-based decision. Aguhob says Facebook was just starting to look for new additions to its Timeline apps (read: expect the next wave of them to be announced very soon) when Viddy was connected with the social network. “The timing was right to get in there,” he says.

He also explains the app is a natural fit. “With Viddy people like telling stories through video. We let people create vignettes of their lives at a high production quality and that fits perfectly into Timeline because it’s a chronology of peoples’ lives. It allows users to make personal vignettes of their lives.”

Viddy’s verbs will be “watch,” “like,” “comment,” “share,” and “follow” — all the basics. So when you watch a Viddy video using its Timeline app on Facebook, that verb and the video will show up on your Timeline, as well as in the News Feed and Ticker.

Even without the Timeline app title, Viddy has gotten a helping hand from Facebook. The “Instagram for video” app (which Aguhob says is “an easy analog”) grew to 900,000 active users thanks to sharing via the site. Aguhob say the viral nature of the social network is to thank. “Our videos and our activities have the ability to go viral becuase we’re adding good value to Facebook through great content.”

Aguhob also shared a few details with me on what else Viddy users can expect from the app. “We have a new release coming out that we’re working on now which is an overhaul of our production flow. We’re also working on our Android app.” He says it should be available within the next couple of months. He told me that developing for Android has been something of a challenge for all the usual reasons (fragmentation rears its ugly head yet again), but that he sees ICS as a “step in the right direction.” “It’s why we’re excited to develop the Android app now.”

A Windows mobile app is also on the table, as well as an iPad app, and a dekstop version of Viddy.