Apple about to open more retail stores – in Canada, Germany and Italy

apple storeWith three more stores set to open this week, Apple looks set to hit its target of opening 30 stores in the quarter from July to September.

All three stores, located in different countries, will be opening on Saturday, September 3. One is opening in Canada – in Burlington, Ontario to be precise. According to MacRumors, “the store will be the eighth in or near the ‘Golden Horseshoe’ region of Ontario, wrapping around the western end of Lake Ontario.”

Germany will be getting its sixth Apple store, with the latest opening in Augsburg. The store, about 50 miles from Munich, will be the second in the south-eastern region of Bavaria.

The third store is another European opening, this one in Campania, Italy. MacRumors reports that the store, about 15 miles from Naples, will be the first to open south of Rome.

The first Apple store opened its doors just over ten years ago and the computer giant now has more than 300 outlets in 11 countries. It’s believed Hong Kong will soon be getting its first Apple retail store, possibly before the end of the month.

In July it emerged that Apple’s retail empire had generated $3.5 billion in revenue and $828 million in profit during the second calendar quarter. In that time, more than 70 million people visited the stores.

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