iTunes sees 25 billionth song downloaded, just weeks away from its tenth anniversary

iTunes-11-flApple loves to share its statistics to prove how hugely successful it and its products are, but with no major event that we know of on the horizon, it has chosen to announce the latest figures with a press release. The achievement this time relates to iTunes, where the 25 billionth song has been downloaded.

Never one to miss an opportunity to throw another big number our way, Apple’s VP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, adds that iTunes is averaging 15,000 song sales each minute, which he says is a, “Scale we never imagined possible.” Apple shared a few more facts and figures related to the store in the press release. There are more than 26 million songs available to download, and iTunes is accessible from 119 countries around the world. Apple has previously said there are 500 million active accounts ready to buy content from iTunes and the App Store, and at the beginning of last month, it was revealed the App Store had reached 40 billion downloads, with 20 billion downloaded in 2012 alone, all from a library of 775,000 apps.

The iTunes Music Store opened for business on April 28, 2003 with a library of 200,000 songs, meaning it has reached this impressive milestone just a few weeks from its tenth anniversary.

The 25 billionth song was purchased by Philip Lupke from Germany, who is the lucky recipient of a 10,000 euro iTunes gift card, which should see him set up for a while. The song was a remix of Monkey Drums by Chase Buch. The last time Apple gave out one of the coveted 10-grand gift cards was March last year, when Chunli Fu from China grabbed Where’s My Water? Free, which became the 25 billionth app to be downloaded from the App Store.