Apple receives 4-inch display shipments from Hitachi and Sony for 2012 iOS device


With the iPhone 4S out of the way, it doesn’t take a brilliant mind to deduce that Apple‘s tech tinkerers have shifted their focus to the iPhone 5. Could reports of the company receiving shipments of 4-inch LCD screens from Hitachi and Sony be connected to that?

The news comes from (via AppleInsider), which cites sources in Apple’s “Far Eastern supply chain.” The alleged shipments are coming from Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corportaion for an unnamed iOS device being released in 2012. Hitachi and Sony are also expected to be linking up with Toshiba Mobile Display Co. in the spring of 2012 to form Japan Display.

Given the timing and the previous talk of the iPhone 5 sporting a 4-inch display, Apple’s next-gen cellphone seems a very likely recipient for these 4-inch LCDs.