Apple Stocks iPad Book Store with 30,000 Free Books, Bestsellers for $10

apple stocks ipad book store with 30000 free books

After the Wall Street Journal blew the lid of off book and magazine pricing on the iPad earlier this week, another leak recently offered a sneak peak and book pricing. As on Amazon’s Kindle, bestsellers will go for $9.99 a pop, and 30,000 classic titles will be available through the store for free.

AppAdvice revealed the bestseller pricing after a “not-so-NDA-complying preview” of iBooks, indicating that 27 of 32 New York Times Bestsellers were priced at $9.99, including list toppers Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, The Help, The Silent Sea, Missing, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The highest price book, a Macmillan title, goes for $12.99.

In a separate post, AppAdvice also revealed that Apple has imported the entire Project Gutenberg library over 30,000 out-of-copyright books into the iTunes. Although the iPad’s ability to import ePub titles would have made it possible for iPad owners to read them either way, their availability through the store should make it easier for owners to access them.

Apple’s $9.99 bestseller pricing puts the iTunes book store directly at odds with Amazon’s e-book store, and the iPad at odds with Amazon’s Kindle. While the Kindle can also read the ePub format from Project Gutenberg, users have to go through a more convoluted download process to get books to the device, rather than simply grabbing it through the Amazon store.

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