The Apple Watch isn’t out yet, but it already has a strange charging stand


We don’t know exactly when the Apple Watch will launch in 2015, but at least we already know about one of its upcoming accessories. The accessory company Standoutz has announced at CES its new docking station for the Apple Watch, called Bandstand.

Bandstand is a charging stand for your new Apple Watch, but it’s also an all-in-one charging station for your other Apple devices. The rather gargantuan and unusually ugly accessory sits on your desk with a swiveling, magnetic docking station that connects to the Apple Watch. Under the docking station are additional charging ports for your other devices.

The Bandstand needs to be plugged into the wall with an AC adapter as opposed to a port on your Macbook, at least according to its diagram.

The idea behind Bandstand is that you can swivel the dock on a 360-degree angle in order to use your watch as a clock in your room while it charges. The Bandstand also features an interchangeable panel for custom colors, so orange doesn’t have to be the look of your Apple Watch dock. The design of Bandstand seems to look more like a watch display case than a docking station, though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

The developers behind the Bandstand, Standoutz, haven’t yet shared pricing and availability – but they plan to have it out alongside the Apple Watch launch in 2015. If you’re interested, you can join their waiting list to know when it becomes available.