Apple WWDC: What to expect from today’s keynote

Apple WWDC 2012Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is kicking off in less than an hour with Tim Cook’s keynote today at 10am PT (1pm ET). Though we don’t expect a new iPhone today (looks like iPhone 5 is coming in September), there are some big announcements that could happen. Since we don’t have a lot of time, and neither do you, here is a very quick recap of some announcements we may see at the show today.

Apple WWDC (possible) announcements: 

  • iOS 6: Shots of the event have already confirmed that iOS 6 is indeed coming. It may come with a non-Google maps app and other core app upgrades.
  • Siri everywhere: Siri should get some upgrades and will no longer be exclusive to the iPhone 4S. A SDK may also be released.
  • New iMac: The iMac hasn’t been updated in some time, but may get a facelift at the show.
  • MacBooks with Retina displays:New MacBooks that are thinner than MacBook Pros, but thicker than the MacBook Air may show their faces. Supposedly, these will come with high resolution displays, like the new iPad.
  • OS X Mountain Lion: We learned about Mountain Lion’s features back in February, but it still hasn’t launched. Hopefully it will get a firm release date.
  • TV acknowledgement: Some believe that Apple may admit that it’s making a TV and open the SDK so that developers can begin working on apps. We’re skeptical of this one.
  • iCloud updates: iCloud may get video streaming, photo sharing, and other new features.

Of course, everyone wants to see Apple’s big TV, the iPhone 5, or an iPad Mini, but we’re skeptical that any of them will appear. Apple doesn’t traditionally show off a lot of new products at once and WWDC already looks like it will be packed with new announcements.

We’ll have more as soon as the event starts!