Boxee rolls out iPad app, announces firmware update for Boxee Box


Today, Boxee launched a new iPad app for free on the App Store. The app aggregates video content from social feeds like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter and allows the user to watch those videos on the iPad screen. The user also has the ability to share content on the social networks through the app. The Boxee iPad application can also stream video content from a PC or Mac onto the iPad screen, assuming the user is running the Boxee Media Manager client on the computer. The iPad application also offers a send to TV function through the Boxee Box that allows user to view games like Angry Birds as well as other content on a large HDTV or projector. 

boxee-ipad-shareOne criticism of the iPad application is that it doesn’t offer access to premium applications like Vudu, Netflix and Hulu Plus. Missing premium applications is attributed to companies like Netflix preferring to keep content within its own application as well as Flash content on the Web that’s incompatible with the iPad. Boxee also launched a bookmarklet for the computer, allowing users to mark video content for later. For instance, if a user is at work and wants to mark a YouTube video of a cat getting stuck in a cardboard box, they will be able to locate it quickly on the iPad application on the daily commute or after returning home for the day. 

In regards to the firmware update for the Boxee Box hardware, the 1.2 update is planned to launch in the next few days.  It includes improved HTML5 support for the main Web browser, OS X Lion support to play video files, support for network protocols NFS and AFP, a place to feature apps, filtering for paid services like HBO Go and Vudu as well as a place to sign up for beta releases. Also included in the update are bug fixes and an experimental attempt at Apple Airplay support. If using an Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, the user can enable Airplay and connect to the Boxee Box.

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