New ClamCase Pro keyboard turns your iPad into a MacBook Pro

clamcase pro keyboard ipad

Tablets are already replacing laptops as portable computers for some, with detachable keyboards making it easier and more convenient to work on the go. A newly released keyboard for the iPad simulates a MacBook Pro experience even further with a sleek and airy design.

Accessory maker ClamCase has just introduced its ClamCase Pro: a lightweight Bluetooth keyboard that can transform an iPad into essentially an ultrabook. The keyboard even resembles that of the MacBook Pro, sporting an aluminum silver finish and a black set of keys. The case also supports Apple’s tablet at various angles, allowing for more flexibility while writing.

According to ClamCase’s official website, the Pro model is thinner and lighter than its predecessor and also provides protection for iPad devices. The keyboard maker’s website even simulates the layout of Apple’s product pages, making it easy to mistake ClamCase’s device as one straight from Cupertino, Calif.

The keyboard isn’t available yet, but users can preorder the device here for $170. It seems like a bit of a steep price, but most high-end iPad keyboards fall in that price range. Logitech’s Bluetooth Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad will run you about $100, and Belkin’s Folio case costs about the same.

In terms of words per minute, ClamCase boasts that you can type up to 76 words every 60 seconds, while Zagg’s keyboard only measured at 73 words per minute. This data comes from ABC News’ words per minute test, which reported that Logitech’s keyboard reached 71 words every 60 seconds.

The polycarbonate shell makes the ClamCase Pro scratch resistant and more durable, and it also comes with a soft touch hinge for grip. The original ClamCase was voted as one of the top rated iPad keyboards by PC Mag in November alongside Logitech’s option.

Check out the video below to get a hands on glimpse at the new ClamCase Pro keyboard.